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J'accuse Wenger and Kroenke The Curse of Silent Stan

By AJ The Gunner
March 25 2016

Cries of Wenger Out & Wenger Must Go (And for the board and Kroenke to go have also been heard. Ed) have become louder. Banners calling for Wenger to step down have become more visible.

Discussions of who the next Arsenal manager should be have become a major debate amongst Arsenal fans. The tone of some of Wenger loyalists and defender's; the Wenger Cult, the so called AKB’s, have changed especially as we are possibly about to witness Leicester City winning the EPL (or even worse Spurs), without any known world class players. This has exposed Wenger failure when it comes to winning the league as his regular excuse is about to blow up in his face.

 Enough is enough, I want Wenger gone but when you hear the man who owns 67.3% of Arsenal shares Stan Kroenke tell the media, and indirectly warns Fans, that he didn't buy his Arsenal stake to win trophies, you begin to realize that in reality Wenger is not entirely the PROBLEM. Worse, it confirms our fear that we may be doomed to accept the present state of affairs for an age to come.

 It confirms to fans that in truth the crumbs we get from finishing 4th in the English Premier League, which equals winning a trophy according to Wenger, and qualifying for Champions League every season may be the BEST we can ever hope for. The FA Cup’s, the most we can dream of. It is becoming clear that SACKING WENGER MAY NOT SAVE US FROM OUR PRESENT PREDICAMENT AS LONG AS WE ARE STAN KROENKE'S CASH COW!!!

 Owning 67.3% of the Arsenal shares, having paid multi-million pounds in 2011 to the previous long-term major shareholders, including Nina Bracewell-Smith, whose shares were worth £116m, and Danny Fiszman, whose stake Kroenke paid £159.5m has given him the right to use us as he deems fit. We pay the highest ticket price only to witness constant meltdowns, total collapse of the team and fighting for the 4th position every season since this guy got his grip on our club. Once again being top of the league at New Year is the usual situation of flattering to deceive.

 We are made to endure mediocrity while the one who cannot be bothered that we are becoming a laughing stock in the EPL spends millions tending to his whimsical desires. He has just bought a 520,000-acre ranch in Texas worth $725 million and recently decided to move his National Football League team NFL Rams from St. Louis to a privately financed $1.8 billion stadium in Inglewood, California. Arsenal club has paid £3 million for the second year running to one of his US companyKroenke Sports and Entertainment LLC.

 HOW DO WE HOPE TO GET OUT OF THIS MESS? The most pathetic part is remembering what Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith tweeted in 2013, "If making money was the motivating factor, surely there are better ways," She wrote. "Football is a business of passion and SK has no passion for AFC. "(Kroenke) shows he cares very little. Why he wanted to be part of AFC , I do not know." She also admitted that, with hindsight, she would not have sold her shares to Kroenke.

 Really? If making money was not her motivating factor and if she indeed cared about Arsenal, would she not have done a background check on him before selling off her shares to a greedy man who doesn’t give a damn about the feelings of the fans of other sporting outfits he owns as long as he makes profit? It’s not just Lady Nina I blame but every single one of them who played a part in Kroenke becoming a majority share holder in Arsenal. They talked so much about maintaining our history and staying true to what we stand for only to sell us off to a shark that clearly doesn’t care about the fans or what how we feel.

 You do not need to dig deep to figure out the general feelings of fans of other professional sports teams owned by Stan. You read headlines like ‘Arsenal majority shareholder Stan Kroenke abused by entire stadium of ice hockey fans’ or ‘The angry abuse of Arsenal's majority shareholder was absolutely deafening according to reports’.

 One of the animosities of the fan-base is the moving of St. Louis Rams Missouri NFL team to Los Angeles for financial reasons without giving a damn about the fans. The venue is expected to be the most expensive in U.S. sports history by at least a billion dollars. "We were loyal to our football team. We bought their tickets, wore their jerseys, brought their over-priced beer. We cheered them year after losing year. And in return, they trashed us, then left us”.

 Does that sound familiar? Sure does! It echoes the general thoughts and feelings of Arsenal fans. It shows this to be is a track record of what dining with Kroenke births. Headlines such as ‘Who is Rams owner Stan Kroenke? Besides the ‘most hated man’ in St. Louis.’ leaves me feeling disillusioned.

 It’s not enough to use Arsenal as a cash cow, but the team will be made to parade as a circus monkey as Kroenke has announced that Arsenal will train and play in Southern California during the summer. Clearly using us to build the brand of his sports teams Los Angeles Rams. ‘So that’s all good. That will raise the profile of the Rams and Arsenal in North America.’ Yeah right. I would have saidGREAT! except that this means more money for greedy Stan.

 Don’t get me wrong, Wenger is equally guilty for the part he has played in this fiasco. He has been comfortable in this madness for the past 11 years which is a win-win situation for him as his job is secure and he earns around £8.3 million a year with his current Arsenal contract. He is under no pressure for constantly failing to assemble a complete and balanced team that can challenge for the EPL title and CL trophy and actually go on to win them. He can afford to get away with what no manager in football history can.

 He has become so delusional that its alarming that he keeps making the same mistake for almost 11 years and still expects to produce a different result. His player management is suspect. His tactical plan is dodgy and the substitutions he makes are alarming; but this all serves Kroenke’s agenda as long as the accounts are healthy. The most annoying part of Wenger’s attitude is making us feel guilty for calling for a change after all he has done and achieved for us in the past 19 to 20years. What about our support? What about our feelings? Don’t they count? I say Enough is Enough!

 The million-dollar question is: ARE WE STUCK WITH SILENT STAN?

It boils down to whether we are simply going to accept this as our FAITH or unite as fans casting aside our different opinions to FORCE a REVOLUTION that will prove to this present board that you don’t mess with loyal Fans who have invested their time, money and support (Liverpool fans have shown its possible. Ed) . Our hearts and emotions have been battered and bruised but I still believe we have the power to determine what happens to their beloved Club. Our WILL and Unity in purpose is Key.


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J'accuse Wenger and Kroenke The Curse of Silent Stan
Discussion started by Arsenal Times , 25/03/2016 12:38
Arsenal Times
25/03/2016 12:38
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25/03/2016 14:17
Not going to happen unless somebody is going to pay him £25,000 per share.

That is, Arsenal Holdings plc total shares of 61,000 is worth £1.5-billion, with Silent Stan collecting nearly £1.0-billion, laughing all the way to the bank.

Why should Silent Stan sells when Arsenal Holdings plc cash hoard will grow by at least £50-million year-by-year just from one source of income, i.e. Skysport TV rights for next 3 seasons.

In 4 yrears time, should Silent Stan wishes to sell to pay off his new LA Rams Stadium, he will easily collect at least £1.5-billion with a growing pile of cash hoard easily doubt to at least £500-million.

There is method to his madness in not collecting dividends and letting the cash lies in the bank. Silent Stan does not wish to pay 30% of dividends to Usmanov but issuing a challenge to USmanov:

"You want Arsenal Holdings plc? Make me an offer I can't refuse!"

There is no difference between Silent Stan and Usmanov.
Both are corporate predator who out-smarted those Etonians who sold away their undervalued family jewels to a group of smart fund managers who are onto a good thing.

25/03/2016 16:04

Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov has offered his full support for Arsene Wenger - and insisted the club “must retain” him as manager.

Gunners boss Wenger is under unprecedented pressure after the club crashed out of the Champions League and FA Cup while they have also fallen behind in the title race.

Fed-up fans have been calling for Wenger to go and have also pointed the finger at majority shareholder Stan Kroenke for not axing the manager.

But Usmanov’s comments to a Russian TV station have made it clear that he also supports Wenger as the Uzbeki tycoon made it clear the the club “needs” him to stay.

Usmanov, in an interview with Rossiya24, said: "Arsenal’s results are stable. They are always among the leaders of the English Premier League. This is a good and large sports business project, and I am pleased with it.

“The only thing is that today such situation occurred, like in any sport, there are ups and downs.

The club must retain its major symbol and main asset - manager Arsene Wenger.

“Failures have been haunting Arsenal for many years now, they cannot become the EPL champions. This has led to some discontent with Wenger's position as a manager.

“I believe that Arsene Wenger is a great coach, and Arsenal has to give him the opportunity to plan the succession process and leave his legacy when he deems it necessary.

“It is very important for the football club to maintain the principles that were established by those people who created its victories. Arsenal needs Arsene Wenger.”

That could be a major blow for some fans who have seen Usmanov as the preferred option because they believed he would demand success.

Usmanov has upset Wenger in the past by demanding more trophies and being critical of the club’s recent lack of success.

But this very noticeable change in direction is good news for Wenger and - indirectly - good for Kroenke as it proves that even if he went there would not be further change.

Fans have recently started chanting and banners against Kroenke who has been strong in his staunch defence for Wenger’s record.

Usmanov, who has recently taken up sole charge of his 30 per cent stake in the club, hinted at a succession plan but there is clearly no view from him to axe Wenger.

Wenger, 66, who has a year left on his current £8million-a-year contract has told those close to him that he wants to stay and rebuild the squad.

Firm backing from the club’s hierarchy and boardroom will only strengthen Wenger’s belief that he will carry on and not walk away this summer.


Least we forgot that in 2009, Arsenal fans begged Arsene Wenger not to go as Real Madrid was seriously plotting to snatch him should contract negotiation failed.

And in our delusion of grandeur, Arsenal fans had real short-term memory that it is not Arsene Wenger's fault that he was under severe budgetary constraint - imposed by those terms of that £260-million mortgage bond till 2031 - that every transfer activities are needed the permission of the banking consortium during those lean years from 2004/05 to 2013/14.

Yes, he is only human and made mistakes, most unforgivable in 2007/08 and somewhat in 2013/14 and 2014/15 when our rivals were under transition and a few astute buys will turn us into title-winner. But of course, all these are alternative history and "what if". We will never know.

The greatest service Arsene Wenger had done for Arsenal fans is not those French Spine nor The Invincibles, but that £420-million (final cost) 60,000-seater stadium that dragged Arsenal FC into the rank of global football club that can compete and will compete against the likes of Real Madrid, Barca and Bayern Munich in the near future.

Regardless of the current failures of Arsene Wenger, he had done his duty to leave Arsenal FC with a from foundation in Emirates Stadium and Youth Development for the next manager to bring us to the level of Real Madrid, Barca and Bayern Munich.

In fact, we had caught up with our local rivals in ManU, Chelski and Abu Dhabi City, playing them on an even footing this season.

We always heard of the Board had so much cash that Arsene Wenger can spend and previously even PHW had said the Board will not stop Arsene Wenger from spending.

But that is not the whole truth. Yes, Arsene Wenger can spend all he wanted but the fine print said "within the approved budget please".

Arsene Wenger is an honourable man and will not stab nor bite the hand that feed him. Notice the silence from Arsene Wenger or confirmation from him as to how much he can spend?

Perhaps we have to wain for his biography to hear the side of his story.

In attacking Arsene Wenger, we are curing only the symptom(s) but not the cause of Arsenal FC illness.

The symptoms are:
1 - Arsene Wenger is fiercely loyal to his hand-picked coaching staff, regardless of whether they are dinosaurs with outdated and predictable attacking football tactics that every decent football managers knew how to pick our defence apart.

2 - In hindsight, the failure of those old boys and Etonians to leverage on sponsorships and naming rights during Emirates Stadium construction. On the other hand, the Board then was finding it extremely difficult to arrange loans and attracting sponsors as Arsenal FC, to be brutally frank, is just a local and well-known English club and not of the marquee status of the likes of ManU and Liverpool.

In fact, even during 2014/15 FY, Liverpool commercial business is still greater than Arsenal FC.

3 - We are owned by corporate predators and fund managers whose only interest is to enhance the selling price of Arsenal Holdings plc to prospective buyers and walk away with at least 200% capital gain.

Both Silent Stan and Usmanov are salivating now at the real prospect of those Chinese or Asian Billionaires or African Billionaires or Russki Sugar Daddy or petrodollar sheikhs willingly to buy Arsenal FC as a status symbol, price is of no concern.

Silent Stan is not daft and knew that he will to open his purse-string to provide funds for a desperate Arsene Wenger to build his 4th team in the summer to win title or CL Cup; which will in turn can only increase turnovers and enhanced the selling price of Arsenal Holdings plc.

That AJ is the real corporate world where captive customers are helpless and their only weapon is consumer boycott.

How many die-in-the-wool Arsenal fans are willingly to give up their season tickets and walk away from the local club that their great-grandparent, grandparent and parent supported and in turn pass this heritage to them?

That is the crux of the matter isn't it AJ?

Like the mythical phoenix, first you must destroy and burn the present phoenix to birth a new phoenix; which is no guarantee it will be better than the current devil you know.

Yes, AJ, you can destroy a gigantic tree by first cutting its root and watch it die gradually. Is that how you want to get rid of Silent Stan by first destroying the grassroots support of Arsenal FC?

AJ The Gunner
25/03/2016 19:52
there you go. we might as well accept our faith and forget EPL title or Cl. go into hibernation and wait till we see a change enough to wake up. its just tiring and too emotional being an Arsenal fan.

Wenger Is Gone Now So Can We Be Allowed To Breathe Now???

Padre Pio
25/03/2016 19:59
Merl ion is too tied to the system AJ he cannot envisage an alternative. But if the fans went into rebellion with anti Kroenke banners and chants, boycotts etc the sponsors would not like it and put pressure on for change.

"When we had to suffer the team is a lion because they suffer together." 4 July 2020 at Wolverhampton Wanderers
Arteta on his team's first away victory at a club above them in the Premiership since September 2015 at Leicester.

AJ The Gunner
25/03/2016 20:23
Padre Pio
Merl ion is too tied to the system AJ he cannot envisage an alternative. But if the fans went into rebellion with anti Kroenke banners and chants, boycotts etc the sponsors would not like it and put pressure on for change.

exactly what i was thinking but then will Arsenal fans do?? we are a peculiar fan group that just take whatever is dished to us. we make accuses, absolve wenger and blame every other thing but the real culprits.the board has managed to attract a band of ticket buying fans that believe the club is excellent as its being run now..

Wenger Is Gone Now So Can We Be Allowed To Breathe Now???

Padre Pio
25/03/2016 21:19
We got rid of Billy Wright and Terry Neil.

"When we had to suffer the team is a lion because they suffer together." 4 July 2020 at Wolverhampton Wanderers
Arteta on his team's first away victory at a club above them in the Premiership since September 2015 at Leicester.

26/03/2016 04:09
Padre Pio
Merl ion is too tied to the system AJ he cannot envisage an alternative. But if the fans went into rebellion with anti Kroenke banners and chants, boycotts etc the sponsors would not like it and put pressure on for change.

That is correct Padre.
Work within the system like how Liverpool fans got rid of Gillet & Hicks.
FSG took over and willing to spend but got the wrong manager in Daglish and Rodgers.

AJ, understands the last 2 paragraphs of my posts.
First you must destroy before rebirth.

What are the roots of Silent Stan's wallet?
Matchday revenues, broadcasting revenues and commercial business.

If Arsenal plays in Nigeria this summer tour, how many Nigerian Arsenal fans will boycott the match?

Arsenal FC is having a legion of sponsors and advertisers crawling out of the woodwork to do business to enrich Silent Stan?
How will continual demonstrations - like Liverpool fans - and boycotting of Arsenal FC products going to drive Silent Stan out?

Not a chance as turnovers are on an upward surge when the 3-Year Skysport TV Rights kick in next season.

Isn't it a coincidence that Arsene Wenger's new extension will expire at the same time of this new 3-Year TV rights contract?

By concentrating on getting rid of Arsene Wenger, Arsenal fans are shooting the messenger and not the King.

Wait for season end on May 15, 2016 before giving up hope on Arsene Wenger.

29/03/2016 19:00
There is only one person to shoot that's Wenger n no one else...

31/03/2016 01:29
There is only one person to shoot that's Wenger n no one else...

After you shot the messenger, what happen?

Arsene Wenger on high expectation of disgruntled Arsenal fans during 1998/99 fiasco:
"After you have caviar every day, it is hard to go back to sausages."

AJ The Gunner
31/03/2016 12:24
There is only one person to shoot that's Wenger n no one else...

i doubt that shooting wenger will solve the problem. yes wenger is stuck a terrible rot that can easily be solved if he wasn't so delusional and stubborn but getting another manager with this board and stan in the driving seat is the major major issue.

Wenger Is Gone Now So Can We Be Allowed To Breathe Now???

01/04/2016 10:48
Wenger is the face of the club but like any other employee does his masters bidding or walks,we know AW for all his faults is no quitter.
I have for some time held the notion Wenger does as Gazidis(via SK) tells him and has been told his budget which is in all probability not what we hear it is.Yes he makes mistakes tactically and in his selections but is working to his enforced restraints,the fact he is happy to do so whilst taking his pot of gold makes him a very attractive prospect for a man just here to make dollars.

Under new managment

01/04/2016 12:46
We could do a lot worse than Silent Stan. We could have Mike Ashley or Blackpool's owner, or (fill in the blank). Plenty of crappy owners out there. Silent Stan leaves the management structure alone; he doesn't meddle in things he doesn't know anything about. That model is ok with me.

SUPREME BEING: "I should do something very extroverted and vengeful to you. Honestly, I'm too tired. So, I think I'll transfer you to the undergrowth department, brackens, more shrubs, that sort of thing... with a 19% cut in salary, backdated to the beginning of time."

Padre Pio
02/04/2016 00:51
There are also some good owners out there, owners that have invested in the team, owners that actually want to win trophies

"When we had to suffer the team is a lion because they suffer together." 4 July 2020 at Wolverhampton Wanderers
Arteta on his team's first away victory at a club above them in the Premiership since September 2015 at Leicester.

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