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Forum Rules

By Padre Pio
September 26 2011

Forum Rules

Everyone is entitled to their viewpoint; without disagreement and controversy the site would die. However disagreement does not mean disrespect. You can disagree with someone's ideas without personalising the issue.

Any racist or obscene posts will be deleted and the poster instantly banned, with their IP address recorded. Spamming, abuse & trolling may result in a ban, as may posters determined to cause trouble or those amending a moderated post. Malicious abuse directed at another poster will not be tolerated.
The decision of the moderators is final.

Rival fans are more than welcome as long as the above rules are respected. Do not respond to abuse with abuse contact the mods if you need help, or to resolve issues.

Off topic subjects should contain O/T in the title.
Please remember that minors may be viewing the site and all content should observe the laws of decency in the UK.

We do not accept SPAM messages or links to other related football sites without permission.

Users should only register once and not use multiple ID's or usernames to access the site, nor should any attempt be made to impersonate another poster unless you have the permission from a moderator in advance. If ID or username is changed you must consult a moderator in advance.

Thanks to the House of Hull for help in formulating these rules.

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