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Martinelli MotM Player Ratings v City

By Matt Sadler
December 15 2019

Arsenal 0 Man City 3... More >

Pepe MotM Ratings v Hammers

December 9 2019

First half was awful but Arsenal won the game with a pretty devastating 10 minute spell. You could see the quality improve as they grew in c... More >

Hurry up put everyone out of their misery Ratings v Frnkfrt

November 28 2019

Even during this horrible season our Europa League side could still excite us, but even that isn't true any more. 2-1 down and our best stri... More >

Dereliction of Duty; no idea, time to go. Ratings

November 24 2019

At half time I was struggling to remember the last time we had played so pathetically at home, maybe when Watford beat us in the FA Cup. It ... More >

Chambers MotM Ratings v Leicester

November 10 2019

Three Four Three  was the way to go but unfortunately, we do not have a Ndidi-Telemans to hold the centre and allow unfetted counter-at... More >

Ozil Plays Well But a Disappointing Draw Ratings V Wolves

November 2 2019

Disappointed to draw having led for so long, but Wolves attacked well at times and at no point did you feel we were ever going to keep a cle... More >

Great Match But Arsenal Pay The Penalty Ratings v Liverpool

October 31 2019

Enjoyed the game but was left feeling frustrated as we were unable to hang on to our multiple leads and then went out on penalties. Ratings ... More >

Pepe Wins the Day Player Ratings

October 25 2019

I would've felt relieved just to have got a draw out of that awful display but two excellent set pieces from Pepe spared Emery's blushes. Le... More >

Player Ratings v Bournemouth Luiz MotM

October 6 2019

Three points is 3 points but bloody hell that was hard to watch... More >

Player Ratings v Standard Liege Martinelli MotM

October 4 2019

A very satisfying evening where Arsenal scored four, could've had a lot more.... More >