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Arsenal only 3 points behind Chelsea

Done it again

By Boris Mellor
December 9 2006

According to the "Right Result" website Arsenal are only 3 points behind Chelsea and only 9 behind Man U. But donít get too excited it is only a bit of lighthearted fun.

But it is interesting to know that if there was a video panel the Gunners would have five more points, and Chelsea a few less. On the downside we only beat Spurs 2-0. 

The table according to Right Result Website

Manchester United 16 39

Chelsea 15 33

Arsenal 15 30

Portsmouth 16 28

The founder of the Right Result website told Arsenal Times "Basically it's all about the bad decisions in football matches and how the league table would look if the refs got it right more often. We use a combination of judgement by a panel and fans votes to decide on whether dodgy pens, offside goals etc should stand, and it seems to be going over quite well so far."

Well it certainly is going ok for the Arsenal. It just shows that it is not Wengerís eyesight that is the main problem.

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