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Aubameyang A Perfect 10 Player Ratings FA Cup 2020

By Matty Sadler
August 2 2020

Sorry it's late, wasn't in a state to post this yesterday. Wow, what a win. Chelsea had the better start as we... More >

Luiz redemption MotM Players Ratings v City

July 18 2020

Wow wow wow what a win. Sterling missed a couple of sitters but otherwise I thought we defended excellently. How have we beaten Liverpool ... More >

Admirable Nelson Sinks Liverpool Player Ratings

July 16 2020

Weird game as Liverpool dominated the ball and had a lot of efforts on goal, yet we capitalised on two mistakes to win. The defence looked b... More >

Ceballos MotM as Mourinho Sucks Arsenal In

July 12 2020

Arsenal started awfully, improved a bit, scored a great goal, then lost it late on. Mourinho sucked Arsenal in, especially as Arsenal had li... More >

Game Management wins it Arsenal Player Ratings at Wolves

July 4 2020

Massive, massive win against a quality opponent bang in form. Wolves let us have most of the ball in the first half, we took the lead and vi... More >

Arsenal Times Scout Report Who will Arsenal Bring In

July 2 2020

The unfortunate reality is you could make strong cases for Arsenal needing improvements in every area of the team, but it is vital that we a... More >

Arsenal How the hell did we get to here

June 24 2020

Some random thoughts by Jonny Bravo on how Arsenal have got to a situation where Arteta is struggling to turnaround a middle of the table te... More >

Over Optimistic Missed Koscielny Scoring Power

June 18 2020

I always thought they should have postponed this season and given Liverpool a three quarter sized trophy, after all it was their own fault t... More >

Gooners Excited about return of Premiership? Don't bother

June 10 2020

Maybe I have missed something, and will be happy to be corrected, but I can’t find any free to air matches for Arsenal up to 1 July. W... More >

My favourite Arsenal player

March 24 2020

The following article is a slightly enhanced version of an answer I gave to who is your favourite player on the AT forum. A link to the orig... More >