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Figo attacks Real Madrid

By European Football
September 30 2005

Portuguese star Luis Figo charged into his former team Real Madrid and his former coach, Vanderley Luxemburgo. The new Inter player talked with the Italian press and spoke of Florentino Perez’s money making centered philosophy, his relationship with the coach and Ronaldo’s future. Speaking of the club’s philosophy and the economic interests in Asia and the US, he stated:

“In Madrid the most important philosophy probably isn’t to win, but to take the club’s name abroad.”

“And because of that they have created something astronomical, almost ‘monstrous’.”

“Marketing will work if you win, but if you don’t win anything in 3 or 4 years, demand will also decrease in Japan and China.”

And on Luxemburgo and Ronaldo, he said:

“A 32-year-old player, not 18-year-old, must receive, at least, an explanation on why he will not play.”

“He [Luxemburgo] told me I would play all around the pitch, but suddenly I was in the bench without a word having been said.”

“When I was in Real Madrid, there was a lot of talk about Inter; but Ronaldo still has a contract for one and a half year and I think he is not likely to leave, unless a new coach arrives.”

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