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John RIP

By Dave
March 28 2007

Normally I sit and pontificate upon every thing in life that annoys me, most of the time I am hoping to amuse, perhaps annoy, but there is usually some method in my madness. I spend a great deal of my life in hotels, going from job to job, I say this
not wanting sympathy I mean I chose this life and have worked pretty bloody
hard to keep it, but it does mean I spend a lot of time around strangers.

The life I live keeps you in constant contact with a a very small group of
people, you see the same faces at the same events and frankly you get drunk,
often very drunk.

I left the army back in 89 and didn't have a clue what to do, I knew I
wanted money I mean hell drugs and beer don't come for free but I had no
idea what to do for it, it is now that John comes into my life.

He took me under his wing sort of, we were both kids from the wrong side of
everyone's track and for some reason we clicked.

When everyone else around us was a middle class university kid, we were
usually pissed out of our minds and ten times better at the job then they
were, we got a rep together, we became reliable, we became the translators
of choice throughout Italy.

In 10 years of working together he ended off marrying my cousin, and I made
sure he was dumped in Poland on the stag night.

When I became self employed a few years back the first person I employed was
John, and we made decent money together, so it was a bad conversation on the
phone that told me he was dying.

He had cancer, and it was terminal, so I spent a while in Rome to see him
into the next life the way he saw me into this one.

If or when I die I hope to do it with as much grace as John managed, he left
the hospital and took his drip with him to the nearest bar, where we had the
night together, while trying to persuade the waitress that she should shag
him as he may not be around long.

Three days later he was dead, I look around now and realize that the
translators of today are faceless middle class kids, and the likes of me and
John are Dinosaurs, but until I end off in Valhala myself I will never
forget the three golden rules:

1 always travel first class

2 Drink like there is no tomorrow

3 always lie on an expenses claim.

Cheers John I probably owe you a lot, but you still died without giving me
that twenty.

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