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Cristiano Ronaldo's future remains uncertain

March 22 2007

Manchester United's Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has been linked with a move to Spain for months but nothing happens. While rumours are always around and are never helpful when trying to get a hold of good information, one can certainly be sure that the star's future is a big question mark. The best player in the world at the moment I hear? Yes, possibly. His great and consistent form have taken Manchester United to the top of the Premiership, the FA Cup final and the Champions League quarter finals. Merit goes to the rest of the team and coaching staff aswell. But even before this season started and let us see Ronaldo in his best shape climbing to the top of the world there were already enough rumours going around about his future with the Red Devils. The main basis for this: the failing contrat renewal talks.

To be more precise, these rumours started right after the last World Cup, in which Portugal defeated England in a match to get to quarter finals and Wayne Rooney was sent off. It was Ronaldo's efusive claims to get his teammate Rooney the red card that made everyone think something would change when he returned to England.

And to be honest, Ronaldo isn't exactly a model professional. He is the type of personality that enjoys adding wood to the fire and creating rumours and being controversial. He himself added uncertainty to his future in Manchester.

Now it's been many months since Ronaldo has been linked with a move to Spain. Barcelona seemed to be the clear destination, and of course all the media pundits asking the Barcelona directives whether they thought the Portuguese was a good player would get a yes in reply and that would make the story the following day go "Barcelona directives want Ronaldo". The point is it hasn't been proved the reigning European champions are in for the star, any bid has been denied by the club.

The latest rumours were circling around a possible trade between the sides, having Deco going to England in exchange for Ronaldo. Apparently, this move has been turned down by Sir Alex Ferguson, even though it was said that the coach himself was a fan of Deco and Manchester were keen on landing him.

On the other hand, perhaps the most interesting side of the story is the chain reaction that media have put up. Considering Barcelona is not as good as last season (as if being that good was easy) and there have been some scandals, the Culé stars have been touted to be on the way out. Suddenly, Ronaldinho is fat, Eto'o is angry and Deco is not good enough. And there's where the Milano giants enter the story: both Inter and Milan claim to have a serious interest on Ronaldinho and Messi and are willing to pay over 100 million euros for any of them.

So with the money coming in for the sale of Ronaldinho, Barcelona will be able to buy Cristiano Ronaldo... or at least that's the short version.

But now another side is in to make things more complicated and more interesting maybe. Yes, Real Madrid, the main character in every transfer window story for the past 6 years is in for Cristiano Ronaldo too. As Spanish reports claim, the Portuguese is number one in the list of transfers in Madrid, closely followed by Sevilla stars Dani Alves and Jesús Navas. Please note that Navas and Cristiano Ronaldo are pretty much the same position and style. The idea is that they are looking for a replacement for Beckham and the current Madrid players would love to have him.

In the end, having learned something after years of transfer stories and rumours around the world, it is almost impossible to predict what will happen. It is hard enough to tell the truth from the inventions but if there's something that could help, these are the latest Alex Ferguson words:

"When it comes to the presidential elections at Barcelona and Real Madrid, the speculation is unremitting.

"They talk about the best player in the world and who they are going to bring in. It happens every year and you just have to accept it.

"But we are negotiating strongly with Cristiano's agent and I am hopefully he will sign.

"It may be right that they want him. That may be correct but there's no doubt there's another motive to it and that's their elections.

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