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Wimbledon is once again upon us, is it?

By Nick Raynor
July 14 2005


Question of the Week
Question: Wimbledon is once again upon us, is it?
Good 9%
Bad 2%
An excuse to look up the Russian girl’s skirt 59%
A secret government experiment to make it rain 3%
A chance for a lot of people without chins to meet 2%
A reason for the press to think of 10 squillion things that rhyme with Henman 2%
A poncy girl related sport 5%
I have no idea but I like clicking things anyway. 8%
It’s the bloody Wombels I feel sorry for 2%
Underground 1%
Over-ground 2%
Wombeling free 1%
But they aren’t free are they 1%
Save the Wombels 4%
Number of votes: 169

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