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UEFA to make Abramovich end club link?

By European Football
June 19 2005

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich could be forced to end his association with CSKA Moscow, if a move by UEFA goes through. They are concerned that every thing might not be as even a playing field as may appear should clubs owned or operated by an individual, meet in competition, as Chelsea and CSKA did last season. Although there is no suggestion that anything was wrong with that match.

UEFA chief executive Lars-Christer Olsson stated:

"We are concerned about the current development in European football when it comes to ownership. We are looking into that because there's a risk that the credibility of our competition is in jeopardy."

"We already have in our club licensing system that one person is not allowed to own more than one club in the same competition."

"It's become more sophisticated now - there could be that an owner of one club is the main sponsor of another and have a major impact on that club. That's something we are looking at."

"We are looking at whether major sponsors should be seen as a form of ownership or not."

"We have to abide by EU rules but it could be turned into a sporting rule."

"If we have owners of more than one club or individuals with power over more than one club in the same competition people ask themselves are the results fair. We have to be very careful."

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