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Impressions of the new guy

May 3 2006

Richard Money has been appointed as the new Manager of Walsall FC. On paper it looks like a great appointment. We all knew the new manager would come as a shock, and what a shock.

We take a look at the first impressions

- No nonsense guy
- Fans of former clubs note a keeness to play football
- Known to be strict on Discipline
- Has to many coaching badges to put on his tracksuit. Including a big shiney from UEFA
- Worked abroad and will know foreign markets which means potential bargains.
- A Good record with Academy Football which means he knows what kind of talent is washing about the system.
- Scunthorpe fans have noted his tendancy to chop and change the team.

His arrival has more positives than negatives. It gives everyone something to look forward to in August.

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