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Coventry City (And Related) Trivia

By CovSid67
May 22 2006

31. Micky Adams' (Who beat 54 other applicants to become Coventry City manager) thirteen day stint as Swansea boss was the third shortest management reign in English league history. He also managed Nottingham Forest for one game as caretaker manager in 1999, and was on the receiving end of a 4-0 hammering by Coventry City!

30. Eric `Monster! Monster! (Not Very Funny)' Hall signed Dennis Wise's son on a 20-year contract when he was just two years old.

29. Former Coventry City youngster Terry Fleming avoided a second yellow card - and, rather obviously, a red one! - while playing for Lincoln against Wigan, by giving a team-mates name the second time he was cautioned!

28. While playing for Spurs, defender Gary O'Reilly accidentally helped somebody steal Terry Gibson's car! The players were attending a reception at a country club when, thinking the driver of TG's car was Gibson himself, he opened the gate and waved goodbye. O'Reilly was said to be slightly upset that Gibson hadn't acknowledged him, then got slightly confused when he entered the premises to see Gibson still inside!

27. A car crash in December 1976 saw Ian Wallace needing 70 stitches around his forehead and eyebrows after going through the windscreen (His car skidded on black ice and smashed into a tree). During comeback matches, the club taped foam padding to his head to protect his scars and prevent any pain.

26. Steve Hunt worked in a warehouse for two weeks before becoming a professional footballer.

25. Brian Roberts' 10 year run without a goal was put down to, according to manager Dave Sexton, "a psychological fear of publicity and success". Roberts replied: "I told [Sexton] I simply couldn't shoot straight".

24. John Sillett scored one goal in 127 appearances (Plus one substitute appearance) while playing for Coventry City.

23. When Liverpool signed Gary McAllister from Coventry City, one Reds fanzine writer asked "how could the club expect to move forward signing a 35-year-old?". He also stated that if GMc played more than five games all season, he would show his backside in Woolworths' shop window. Liverpool won the UEFA Cup, FA Cup, Worthington Cup, Super Cup, and ther Charity Shield, with McAllister starting in 53 of their games.

22. Gordon Nisbet made his West Bromwich Albion debut as a goalkeeper against Coventry City on 12th August 1969 (His actual position), then played 400+ more appreances as an outfield player after converting to a defender.

21. Bobby Gould was delighted when the Coventry City club doctor told him new signing Cyrille Regis was the second fittest physical specimen he'd ever seen - but no so happy when told the best was the player he had recently sold to West Bromwich Albion, Garry Thompson.

20. Andy Impey's transfer from QPR to West Ham was delayed while he had surgery to straighten his big toes - a condition named as `hammer toes'.

19. Former assistant manager Alex Miller (Whose arrival at Coventry City coincided with us actually looking like we knew how to defend) played through most of the 1972 Scottish Cup Final with a broken jaw.

18. Future England manager Stuart Pearce's favourite cartoon character is Billy Whizz!

17. At the beginning of 2004, former Leeds United boss Peter Reid stated: "I would never ever quit [as a manager] and those that know me will agree. That's the No. 1 rule as a football manager." One year later, he quit as manager of Coventry City....

16. German-born Dietmar Bruck made Coventry City history when he became the first players to be used as a substitute for the club, replacing Ron Farmer in a 3-3 draw against Manchester City.

15. After leaving football, former journey-man striker Bob Latchford ran a children's clothes business in Swansea, then moved back to the Midlands to sell nuts and bolts.

14. When Phil Babb left Coventry City for Liverpool for 3.75 million in August 1994, he became the most expensive defender in British football. He was almost re-signed to Coventry City by Peter Reid, but apparently chose to retire from football instead....

13. Coventry City were the first ever leaders of The Championship (On goal difference), and the first ever leaders of The Premiership when it started back in 1992.

12. Former Coventry City defender Sam Allardyce was the first ever manager to be sacked by somebody in prison, when Blackpool chairman Owen Oyston dismissed him from inside his prison cell.

11. Stop-gap Coventry City goalie Kevin Pressman was the first keeper to concede seven goals in a Premiership match (Thankfully not while playing for us!).

10. Dion Dublin - one-time Coventry City hero, turned two times zero (Three times if you're a Celtic hater too) - shaves his head twice a day.

9. Brian Roberts testimonial at Highfield Road was interrupted by two mystery men, clad only in raincoats and flesh-coloured underpants. The two were later identified as Graham Withey and Stuart Pearce (A 25,000 bargain from Wealdstone).

8. One time record signing Mustapha Hadji, as Morocco's highest-profile player at the time, was invited to and attended the funeral of deceased Moroccan ruler King Hussain, by the countries new monarch Mohammed VI.

7. When joining Coventry City, George Boateng was quoted as saying: "It is God who brought me here" (Which must have saved us a couple of pence in agents fees!) - though he has never actually revealed if God told him to go and kick the players he's earned a red card for kicking.

6. On returning to Newcastle to commentate for Sky Sports, Mick Quinn was forced to use the toilets in the home section of the ground. Having been spotted, and chants of "Who Ate All the Pies" aimed in his direction, he approached those singing it, and said: "Tell me that to my face!" Apologies were offered, before Mr. Quinn went and bought 11's worth of pies, and handed them out saying: "I haven't eaten them all - there's till some left!"

5. Former Coventry City midfield player Davie Bowman was once given four red cards in one match in the Scottish Premier League!

4. Calum Davenport was sacked as Paul Williams bootboy for doing a bad job on his footwear (That might explain a few things to do with PW's distribution of the ball).

3. Eighteen year-old goalkeeper Steve Murcott played a reserve match for Coventry City on the morning of September 1st 1979, and, due to an injury to Jim Blyth in the warm-up, played against Norwich in the afternoon. He finished on the winning side in both games.

2. So little was known about Robbie Keane when he left Coventry for Inter Milan that many Italian newspapers reported that he had previously worked as a shepherd in Ireland.

1. Perry Suckling fell foul of the intense rivalry between the two Manchester clubs when he travelled from Coventry to sign on at Maine Road. He stopped to ask directions to the ground, and ended up outside Old Trafford.

(Trivia taken from various sources, and possibly not all true!)

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