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February 20 2006

MAY 13th: The decision to try and keep certain out-of-contract players has been greeted with dismay by many fans! Is this Adams' way of saying "if you won't give me money to spend, I'll stick with the squad that almost took us down"? Or does he really believe they are good enough? Many don't! If we're to enjoy a good first season in the new Arena, we have to open the purse strings! He who dares, wins!

MAY 6th: Some would say CCFC punched above their weight last Saturday [v Derby] - I would say CCFC finally played to their potential! Imagine where we might be now if we had joined in all season? The atmosphere was amazing too. If you're not planning to buy a season ticket for the Arena because of the price, please tell the club that! As for these McSheffrey to Leicester rumours, fox off!!

APRIL 30th: The "End Of Two Era's"! CCFC play their last ever game at Highfield Road, and the last "Cov City 'Til I Die! Fanzine" goes on sale! Never mind the fact we need the points, a win is the only way to say goodbye to Highfield Road! Don't spoil it for us Derby - you can seal your place in the play-offs next week! It's going to be emotional. To those with tickets, enjoy....

APRIL 23rd: Away to Plymouth isn't the easiest place to get the three points most think will make us safe from the drop. If all XI CCFC players join in, we have far more of a chance though! We need more from Dyer and Goater. Away from the serious stuff, it was great to see Tommy Hutchinson in a CCFC shirt again in Michael Gynn's testimonial. And he's still got it! Wonder if he's busy on Saturday?!

APRIL 16th: Many thanks to Leicester. Their slip up versus Brighton means we are closer to trouble than is necessary! Shaw's own goal didn't help, and WHU were always going to get one penalty - their fans appealed enough times. Tuesday the 19th sees Michael Gynn finally get his testimonial, and it should be far more fun atmosphere that most visits to Highfield Road this season! Make sure you're there!

APRIL 9th: With so many battles to come between teams at the bottom of the table, it's time to start deciding who we want to win most .... or lose least! Can Crewe, Watford, and Brighton keep losing? Do we really have to hope for a Leicester victory on Saturday? One thing's sure: we're nowhere near safe! Unpredictable West Ham for CCFC next. Oh! To be struggling in 7th places as they currently are! It must be hell.

APRIL 2nd: A request for Mr. McSheffrey: can you help avoid a future argument please?! The day my daughter was born, you scored a hat-trick - well, I've only gone and had another one! You know what kids are like: "How come she got one but I didn't?" Thanks in advance. I'm not really bothered whether it's against Brighton or Forest, as both are "must win" games. Anything less than four points, and we're stuffed!

MARCH 25th: Bennett out, Pressman in? We have the second worst goals against column in the division - this will not help! Goater should be a better option than the other strikers we have to choose from, but is said to be far from match fit! Just feed him, CCFC. Seven games to keep our Championship status - anybody know the way to Hartlepool?! Must remain positive! Must remain positive! Must remain positive....

MARCH 18th: A point each for Gillingham and Forest? Well that's Leeds off the Christmas card list then! Ipswich, on the other hand, are back on it .... Failure to catch those just above us in the table, as we attempt to "draw" our way out of trouble, will see League One come into view soon. That said, Tuesdays point was welcome! Sunderland away Saturday? There's an easy three points to begin the climb!

MARCH 11th: Things are getting interesting! Weeks ago it looked like three from five to go down - now it's three from ten! It's extremely frustrating to take three points, then find out all your rivals have too - though I guess it's better than NOT taking three points! With two tricky away games to come, victory over Cardiff is essential, but not guaranteed. We could do with them selling a few more players....

MARCH 4th: The CCFC-Stoke referee made his Championship debut last week - I would suggest/hope it is his last too! As for Stoke's tactics, isn't mauling used in rugby, not the beautiful game? Very ugly to watch. CCFC were superb, being the most attack minded of the sides despite playing with 10 men and no recognised goalkeeper! Hughes never once looked out of his depth between the sticks.

FEBRUARY 25th: Robbed again. Victory over Reading should have been followed by at least a point versus Wigan, but we appeared to be playing against thirteen. The team MA is building would do okay given a season in The Championship - sadly Reid's mis-management means they might not get the chance. Duffy is a touch of class - if you want to ditch young Richard, Pompey, let us know! And welcome back Marcus Hall!

FEBRUARY 18th: We've spent the week trying to sign Leicester reserves, and ended up with Trevor Benjamin - according to those that know it might as well be Floella! Maybe he'll do the business for CCFC, but some Cobblers fans think Xmas has come early by getting rid of him. If he can get the best out of Stern John - a match winner when he wants to be - then good luck to him. As for Bennett, just what we need in goal!

FEBRUARY 11th: By the time you read this the players that are going to save CCFC's season will be on board! So we hope .... If not, we are in trouble, as our injury list is longer than Peter Reid's failure list at CCFC! Three home matches in four games could decide which division we play in next season. Our new ground really is to good for League One. Time for the players to prove they are....

FEBRUARY 4th: Newcastle didn't have to get out of first gear to beat CCFC, and CCFC didn't appear to have a second gear to offer them a real challenge. Shame. And so the chance of more cup glory against Chelsea in the next round was lost. We would have beat them too!! The fans came out of it earning rave reviews for their 101% support of the team. Get those 3,000+ sitting together at the new Arena!

JANUARY 28th: It looks as if Bellamy-baiting is off the menu this weekend! Our favourite ex-CCFC player has annoyed his boss and looks set to leave Newcastle .... Maybe CCFC should sign him back, as he seems to have added a few to the gate for Saturday's game! Refunds all round now the star attraction is gone? As for the possibility of a CCFC win? You could pay your mortgage off if you back them and they do!

JANUARY 21st: The new season ticket prices for the Arena have been announced, and they're wrong! Far too expensive! 352, rising to 460 after the Early Bird scheme ends? 20 a match for Championship football? Too much. Why do the club insist on fleecing those that already go, and who will always go? Reduce the price, get some of the "stayaways" back, and rip them off next season when they're hooked!

JANUARY 14th: Another week, another reason to go to war with those supposedly running (Ruining?!) Coventry City. The decision to try and change the club badge has gone down as well as a potential merger with Leicester, and should not be allowed to happen! Who knows what those in charge of CCFC will do next to alienate themselves from CCFC fans even more! Appoint Craig Bellamy as manager?!

JANUARY 7th: Peter Reid finally improved CCFC - he left! He claims he had taken us as far as he could - wrong! There are four places below us in the table! Good luck to whoever has to sort out the mess he left behind. What a waste of half a season. Time to play catch-up now .... Rumour has it the chairman might go too. Maybe I should put another line on the Lotto this weekend?!

DECEMBER 31st: "I have now reached a point where I believe change has to be made in order for us to continue to move forwards" - McGinnity, in the summer. A fair sized section of CCFC fans now think it's time for changes to be made again, if CCFC are to bother joining in in 2005. We are dire! We need a new boss, board, a massive cash boost, and a dozen (or more) new players. Apart from that we're fine!

DECEMBER 24th: Goodbye 2004 - you won't be missed! Eric Black gone, Davenport gone, the Jaguar Arena sponsorship gone, Dhinsa seemingly gone, and our play-off hopes looking bleak already - I would ask if 2005 could be any worse, but don't want to tempt fate! Four games in nine days should give us a clue to where we might end the season. If you read this Santa, us CCFC fans have been good all year...!

DECEMBER 17th: Great. All I wanted for Christmas was for somebody with money to take over at Coventry City. CCFC's own version of `The Grinch' (MM) wrecked that .... Dhinsa backing out was just the news I needed after another poor result last weekend. If what he says about the board is true (No co-operation), they should be ashamed. That's another decade or so before you get your money back then....

DECEMBER 10th: How boring is MM's "put up or shut up!" message now? As dull as CCFC's insistence on giving away points .... I said it before, and Mr. Dhinsa has now said it: "this is not like buying a tin of beans!" This is a multi-million pound deal! As the potential buyer, Mr. Dhinsa should have no time limit - the sooner the better though! Mr. McGinnity, shut up, or ... shut up! And JD, please hurry up!

DECEMBER 3th: The Dhinsa bid is delayed, as is CCFC's attempt to climb into the top half of the table - just how did we lose to Crewe? Well done to `The Championship' TV programme for not bothering to show the match changing incident - the penalty. If it really was one, Santa exists. A shocking decision! And I don't blame JD for wanting to know the true extent of CCFC's debt!

NOVEMBER 26th: Another week, another foot being shot at! From a position of power, to public enemy No. 1 - allegedly. A sledgehammer to crack a walnut, seems to be the most accurate description. Good luck to David if he actually has to take on Goliath - you seem to have the majority on your side .... Apologies to those that think this is all seems a bit cryptic - my lawyers have advised me to keep it this way!

NOVEMBER 19th: No rail link to the new Arena, and now the big empty space we hoped to fill with a casino is looking like it might remain a big empty space. Great. Is it compulsory for everything to do with CCFC to go belly up? It looks as if Mr. Adebola is going to get another chance with CCFC, and if he can perform as he did in his 20 minutes cameo last weekend, he might be worth holding on to - IF!!

NOVEMBER 12th: Happy days at Highfield Road, with another protest in the pipeline .... Somehow, we managed to perform even worse than previously, in front of the cameras, and against our rivals. Do any of the players actually care anymore? Or are they just clueless? Wigan whacked CCFC recently, Plymouth beat Wigan convincingly - it doesn't take Carol Vordermann to work out the likely outcome of CCFC-Plymouth.

NOVEMBER 5th: After the high of finally winning a match last weekend, CCFC were brought down to earth on Wednesday by a shocking display of ineptness from a match official - he cost us victory. The total re-building of CCFC's defence continues, and if Williams can continue for us as he did for Reading, a clean sheet could be on the cards before the season ends! Monday seems a good time to get one.

OCTOBER 29th: There's not a lot to smile about this week! Whacked by Wigan, knocked out of the cup by Middlesboro - and the job I've had for 19 years comes to an end! There could be a one going at CCFC if things don't improve soon .... Quite where any revival is coming from nobody seems to know. Help! It's coming up to November now, and time for the takeover bid to begin. Good luck Mr. Dhinsa - we need you!

OCTOBER 22nd: Potential saviour Mr. Dhinsa seems to have convinced a few more people that he might be for real - let's hope the current chairman doesn't make any take-over too tricky. Two draws should have been two wins versus Leicester and Burnley, but they weren't, so we stay at the wrong end of the table. And it doesn't get any trickier than Wigan away if you want to win! Our defensive lapses need to be cut out before Saturday!

OCTOBER 15th: Nice to see one of my teams win back-to-back matches! Thanks England - how about CCFC trying it? A win at home to Leicester is a good place to start. Let's hope their new boss doesn't enjoy the usual first match victory that most seem to. Signing Ricketts means we hopefully have somebody capable of supplying decent crosses - now all we need is a big man to get on the end of them!

OCTOBER 8th: Charity begins at .... Highfield Road. Sundays game had draw written all over it, until .... never mind Mr. Mills, you're still worthy of the shirt, though Mr. Leacock might have something to say about that now! Things are looking up - we've annoyed Sepp Blatter! If anybody deserves to be annoyed it's him. The fact that he might be right is irrelevant! If Stern John is dropped, its because he's not good enough - yet.

OCTOBER 1st: Well done CCFC - you're now so bad you've got CCFC fans fighting amongst themselves. We are in trouble .... The tactics are wrong, the players are not performing, and what passes for 90 minutes work is not good enough. Get better or get out! I've no doubt the loyal fans will turn up Sunday, but if things don't improve they will drift away - along with our place in the Championship.

SEPTEMBER 24th: I think it was The Who that sang: `The Kids Are Alright' - how apt for Mills, Steele, and now Giddings! Top displays from all .... if only their older counterparts would join in too. McSheffrey has gone out on loan in a bid to build his confidence - I think one or two others could do with a trip away. Preferably long loans! Two tricky away matches coming up next. Time to start joining in....

SEPTEMBER 17th: Three points becomes one! If only CCFC's strikers were as accurate as the Gill's strikers - two shots, two goals. We could have been one win away from second place .... At least we finally signed a player without somebody stealing in at the last minute. Darren Moore next please. At least one of out strikers must be surplus to requirements now. Rock-bottom Rotherham next....

SEPTEMBER 10th: Once again we've been linked with decent players - once again we've announced it before they have signed. What price they end up elsewhere? Big, big yawn .... West Ham, Leicester, and Leeds have been alerted - and yet again that's probably where they will end up. Leeds away and Gillingham at home are the next to test CCFC AD - after Davenport! He needs replacing....

SEPTEMBER 3rd: Two big wins, one massive loss! Six points from Forest and WHU was more than I ever would have hoped for - the selling of Davenport was the last thing I would have wanted. He has been awesome this season, and without him we could really struggle! Should the fee received be spent wisely the chairman might be forgiven, but it will cost more than 1.1m (Rising to 3m) to replace Callum.

AUGUST 27th: Saturday was awful - no positives. Please let that be as bad as it gets! Our only hope of getting the ball near Millwall's penalty area would have been to sign Serioux from them at half-time! He's a bit special. Forest and West Ham will provide two difficult tests, and nil points from these games will see us deep in the mire! Don't be fooled by the 4-1 win over Torquay - we weren't that good.

AUGUST 20th: Two leads thrown away, five points dropped - is this really the dawn of a new era? Some say its "early days", others say "same old CCFC". Stupid, unnecessary free-kicks being given away have cost us dearly. But you should not concede from 28 yards! And I thought CCFC were only looking to bring in players that improve the team. Do 33-year-old, injury prone Americans, really fit the bill?

AUGUST 13th: Black took four points off Sunderland (h) and Cardiff (a) last season, Reid has taken only three this - could he be on his way out? Or doesn't it count if he's not actually there?! Shaw and Davenport were superb last Saturday, but there are a couple of other players who have yet to join in. And because of this, we lost to Cardiff. It's easier with XI .... Bottom of the table Brighton next!

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