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Posting on the board

By Jemma Tappenden
May 20 2009

Once you have registered you are free to post new topics or reply to existing threads. This is simple to do, but here are some handy hints that first time poster might like to check out before they begin posting on the Three Lions forum! Any other queries can be asked via email. Please contact us at

Posting a new topic on the board is simple.  At the top of the threads box there is a short menu.  Click on 'New Topic'.

When the new window opens you will be able to see your Username and your email.  But do not worry, only your username will appear on the thread.

You must enter a Subject for your post to be successful.  This will be the title of the thread as it appears on the board.

You can also choose to add your signature to a post - this can be done by selecting 'Add my signature to this post'.  A green tick will appear in the box.  If you do not wish to add your signature to a post clicking this option again will remove the tick.

Type your message in the space below.  You can add smilies or change your font bu using the menu buttons above the box.

When you are finished select 'Post message' and your post will be added to the board.  You can check your message first by clicking 'Preview'.

*PLEASE NOTE: We have a very strict policy on posts.  A swear filter is in place and any attempt to bypass the filter will be taken very seriously.  We also keep a very close eye on the content of posts and racial abuse, along side abuse of other posters or inappropriate material will result in a warning or possibly a ban.

Moderators monitor the board everyday.

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