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Signatures and Avatars

By Jemma Tappenden
May 20 2009

Why not stand out from the crowd and add your very own signature or Avatar to your posts? If you fancy giving it a go then follow these step by step instructions. This can be a little complicated the first time you have a go, so don't hesitate to ask if you need more assistance.


In the top right hand corner where you sign in, there are some other menu options.  To add or change your signature click on 'control centre'.

This will open up a new window which will automatically show your personal profile.  There are lots of things you can do via the control centre, including changing your username and password.  To add a signature select the third menu option on the left: 'Edit my signature'.

If this is the first time you are adding a signature then the box will appear blank.  If you are editing then your existing signature will show up here in text form - this means any pictures you have added will only show in text format.

If you simply want to add words, e.g. a phrase or song lyric, then type in what you require and press submit.  This should then be added to the bottom of all of your posts.

Adding an image is slightly more complicated:

1.  If you are adding an image from the internet then you will need to right click with your mouse over the image you want.  This will bring up a list of options.  At the bottom of that list should be 'Properties'.

Select 'Properties' which will give you a list of all the pictures properties.  You will need the address (URL) which always starts http://.  You will need to use your mouse to highlight and copy this URL. *Sometimes not ALL of the URL is displayed, so make sure you check by dragging your mouse over the URL whilst holding down the left button.

Once you have the URL copied you need to paste it into the signature box.  However you will need to type in a simple command at the start and end of the address for this to show as a picture.  You do not need to add spaces, as this will stop the commands from working.  These are:

[img] at the start of the URL


[/img] at the end of the URL.

The overall result should look like this:


2.  Adding a picture saved to your computer, e.g. A photo from a digital camera.  If the photo is saved on you PC you will need to get a URL address for it before you can use it on here.

This can be done by uploading your picture onto a image hosting website, such as photobucket.  You do not have to pay to do this, but you will need to register.  Follow the on screen instructions, and this will give you a URL for your image.  Once you have this the picture can be added in the same way as described above.

You will need to click 'Submit' before any changes or additions will be saved.


To add an Avatar (The small picture which appears by your screen name on posts) Click Control Centre in the top right hand corner and select 'Avatar Options'.

If you already have Avatar options stored here then simply select the image you want and save the changes.

If you are adding an Avatar for the first time select 'Edit my files'.  The browse button allows you to browse files saved to your computer and upload them as avatar images.  If you wish to use an image from the internet please save this to your computer first.  Note that there is a size restriction for this application.

*PLEASE NOTE: For legal reasons we cannot host images from the Clubs official website.  So please bare this in mind before adding any images.

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