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From Coopers Hill to the Hawthorns

The Hawthorns

By WBA Baggiesworld
April 14 2010

During the course of their long and illustrious history, West Bromwich Albion have played their home fixtures at no less than six locations. From their very beginnings at the George Salter Spring Works in 1878, 'The Strollers' as they were first known, played at Coopers Hill. But they would move five times in the course of the following 22 years before settling at The Hawthrons in 1900.

Whilst we would have loved to have been able to compile a complete History of Albion's six playing grounds ourselves, copyright issues over images have limited us some what.  However, the following links provide a full and comprehensive history of each of Albion's home grounds.  Simply click on the link to open the page:

COOPERS HILL (1878-1879)

DARTMOUTH PARK (1880-1881)

BUNNS FIELD (1881-1882)

THE FOUR ACRES (1882-1885)

STONEY LANE (1885-1900)

THE HAWTHORNS (1900 - Present)

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