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Posting a link to another web page or image

By Jemma Tappenden
February 17 2010

Sometimes you might want to add a picture to a post, or make a link to a story about West Bromwich Albion from another website. This can be done from the normal 'New Topic' menu, like any post, or when replying to an existing thread. So start off as if you were going to make a normal post.

Adding a Link:

To do this you will need to copy and past the web page address that you wish to post.  This will be shown at the very top of your screen, and always begins http://.

Once you have copied the link address select the icon on the post tool bar (The same tool bar you would use to add a smiley or change your font size) that looks like the earth.

This will open up a 'script prompt' box on the top left of your screen.  It will ask you to enter the URL you wish to link.  Now paste your copied web address into this box.

Once you have clicked 'OK' a new box will open asking you to add a description of the link page.  This can be one word or a phrase, and this is how your link will appear on the post.  For example, if you enter the description 'Click', your link will simply appear on the post as 'Click', rather than a lengthy web address.

Click 'OK' and this will appear on your post. 

On your post you will be able to see the entirety of your link - so don't worry if it doesn't show up as just 'Click'.  This will not happen until the post has been submitted.  What you will see is something like this:


If you want to check you have done it correctly before submitting the post, click 'preview' and you should see your shortened link.

Adding an image

Like with a signature, right click on the image you want and select 'Properties'.  Once the properties box opens copy the address (URL) of the picture by left clicking the mouse and selecting copy.

On your post select the image icon on the post menu - next to the link icon, and this will open up a script prompt box.  Paste the image URL into this box and click 'OK'.  The picture will not appear in your post until you click 'submit'.  You will see it as [img]Yourpic[/img] until it is posted.  But press preview to see how your picture will look. 

If you want to add a picture saved to your PC then you will need to obtain a URL address for the image.  You can do this by using an image hosting website such as Photobucket.  You do not have to pay, but you will need to register.  Follow the onscreen instructions and this will give you a URL for your image.  Once you have this follow the same instructions as above.

*PLEASE NOTE: For legal reasons we cannot host images from the Clubs official website.  So please bare this in mind before adding any images.

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