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Wenger's Gamble Costs Dear

By Mallyx
September 30 2015

Below is a reaction to the debacle against Olmpiacos from a poster to this forum known as Mallyx. I will publish it without comment or editing:   As most of you know I have long been more for Wenger than against. I do stick up for the guy on here from time to time, not because I have blind faith but because I think most of the time the comments on here are either harsh or just plain wrong. ... More >

Player Ratings V Leicester Sanchez MotM

A thoroughly entertaining game I thought. We were all over the place defensively at the start, possibly missing Gabriel and Coquelin, but eventually settled into the game and took ... More >

The Last Stand Of A Very Arrogant Man?

I haven't seen the match, I had no intention of watching it, I prefer to enjoy my Saturdays. Besides it was Open House Day in London, I was sure this would prove to be more fruitfu... More >

Player Ratings V Stoke

Arsenal were excellent but Stoke were terrible. They won't have an easier game defensively. The only criticism is that the Gunners did not score 6 goals+. The Walcott or Giroud d... More >

I cannot support Wenger anymore after this farce.

Is Wenger's position still tenable after his failure to strengthen his squad this time round? In all the years I have published Arsenal Times I have never seen such a bitter reacti... More >

Is Gary Neville Right?

There were quite a few strong reactions to the 0-0 draw with Liverpool last night. The one below was posted by Gooner 4 eva. Join in the debate at the link at bottom of the article... More >

Life On Mars or Palace Away

As I got off the train at Norwood Junction and turned into the high street I noticed that things hadn’t changed much since I visited in 1969, and then a few time in the early... More >

Circulation Football Or Going Round In Circles? Optimistic

In the pub after the 2-0 defeat by West Ham it was quite downbeat, we agreed the Hammers deserved to win, and that it had been a shambles. Cech got quite a bit of stick but we very... More >

Wenger breaks jinx Player Ratings

We were very much the better side in the first half and made a lot of good, quick passing moves. It seemed like we wanted it more and we came in at half time 1-0 up after Oxlade-Ch... More >

What is needed to win the league?

DJArse posted these comments on the forum looking back to last season and looking forward to the coming one. Cech looks like a good aquisition but is there more to be done? DJs vie... More >