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I cannot support Wenger anymore after this farce.

By Matty Sadler
September 2 2015

Is Wenger's position still tenable after his failure to strengthen his squad this time round? In all the years I have published Arsenal Times I have never seen such a bitter reaction on this website, there are numerous posts on the site condemming Wenger, I print one of them below:... More >

Is Gary Neville Right?

There were quite a few strong reactions to the 0-0 draw with Liverpool last night. The one below was posted by Gooner 4 eva. Join in the debate at the link at bottom of the article... More >

Life On Mars or Palace Away

As I got off the train at Norwood Junction and turned into the high street I noticed that things hadn’t changed much since I visited in 1969, and then a few time in the early... More >

Circulation Football Or Going Round In Circles? Optimistic

In the pub after the 2-0 defeat by West Ham it was quite downbeat, we agreed the Hammers deserved to win, and that it had been a shambles. Cech got quite a bit of stick but we very... More >

Wenger breaks jinx Player Ratings

We were very much the better side in the first half and made a lot of good, quick passing moves. It seemed like we wanted it more and we came in at half time 1-0 up after Oxlade-Ch... More >

What is needed to win the league?

DJArse posted these comments on the forum looking back to last season and looking forward to the coming one. Cech looks like a good aquisition but is there more to be done? DJs vie... More >

How was the season for you?

How was the season for you? Jack Is the Truth the username of a regular poster on this forum posed the following questions:... More >

Has Cech deal collapsed

Last night Sky Sports News refused to fully confirm that Cech deal was completed. At 9 pm Cech tweeted it was still not complete.... More >

Can Wenger Break the 3rd/4th Paradigm and Finish First?

Rather than look into a crystal ball Merlion a regular Arsenal Time Poster crunches the stats to see if Wenger can break the 3rd/4th cycle and actually finish first next season. Do... More >

Cup Final Arsenal Player Ratings Jack Man of the Parade

We sat and had lunch in our usual pub on Harrow on the Hill, our numbers somewhat depleted by the cut in the number of tickets available, everyone a loyal Gunner of years standing.... More >