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Wenger hides in bunker for lap of shame Player Ratings

By Boris Mellor and Matty Sadler
May 21 2017

For the first time ever Wenger stayed near the dug out for the whole of the lap of appreciation, usually he parades around like a proud mother hen, but this time he hid. He had nothing to fear, out of respect the crowd only blamed Kroenke for the clubs decline from a once great Wenger era. They pretended that Kroenke was to blame for all of Wenger's strange decisions, and at times poor tactic... More >

Monsieur Venger's Oliday Player Ratings

Arsene Wenger pronounced on holidays at his Sunderland pre match press conference. Arsenal fans and players who had been gently dozing up until then jumped up shouting holiday and ... More >

Alexis Owns Stoke MotM and Player Ratings

The first half was a walk in the park. We dominated possession, weren't threatened remotely by Stoke, and took the lead when Giroud tapped in Bellerin's square ball. The second hal... More >

Player Ratings v Saints: Alexis MotM

We never really got going or showed any urgency in the first half, but we looked like we wanted it in the second half and were much improved. In the end, the quality of our "supers... More >

Arsenal Player Ratings v Manchester United

A game between two sides that are nowhere near where they think they should be. I thought we looked the better side in quite an open first half. United began to take control at the... More >

Well That Was Coming

No surprises at all there. I know Wenger is probably that blinkered and delusional that he thought his "masterstroke" going three at the back turned our season around and helped us... More >

Time For The Clowns Life at Divided Arsenal Match Report

I’ll start at the very end a very good place to start. There was five minutes left to play and Arsenal fans were drifting home at 0-0, Leicester fans jeered at the departing ... More >

Who Is To Blame Wenger or Kroenke

Only the willfully blind can fail to see that there is something rotten in the state of Arsenal. Anyone with at least half a sheep's brain can tell that the club is under achieving... More >

Wenger (20 years pt 2) Is it back to the future?

   Having given an overview of Wenger's first 20 years, in Part 1, most fans are more interested in what will happen in the next two. What are the possibilties if Wenger... More >

Invincibles to Invisibles Wenger's 20 Years Part 1

The Rise and Fall, and Fall of Arsene Wenger: this article covers the first 20 years of Arsene's Arsenal career, a man who as Lothar Matthaus opined of Guardiola “c... More >