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Are you or your manager a sociopath?

By Boris Mellor
July 20 2016

When someone suggests that someone else is a sociopath it is usually taken as an insult, yet it is now a recognised personality disorder defined by a series of traits or behaviours.... More >

I dont understand why people think we need a striker

People are still wasting their time talking about whether Arsenal are going to buy a 'top class striker'. By 'top class' they generally mean wildly unlikely signings like Aubayeman... More >

Diamond in the Elephant Dung & Hooligans Fight Corruption

After 10 days of watching several matches a day my enthusiasm was beginning to wane. Many of the matches were becoming very boring. It began to feel that you could turn the TV set ... More >

No Need To Get Les Bleus Prediction League UEFA Euro 2016

Well dear football addict there is no need to get Les Bleus this end of season as this Friday a football feast one month long commences, and no doubt you can't wait to see Giroud l... More >

Our English Spine doesn't exist

The following is an unedited selection of posts from Arsenal Times by two regular contributors, the reason why they are of interest is obvious. There is a link at the bottom to the... More >

There used to be a club over here An unacceptable ethos

Here is the third and final chapter of Why I Don’t Feel Anything for Arsenal Anymore There are links to Parts one and two at the very bottom... More >

I Hate The Corporate World Of Arsenal

This is part 2 of Celine's article on why he no longer feels anything for Arsenal. A link to part 1 is provided below... More >

Why I Don't Feel Anything for Arsenal Anymore

The serialised article that follows is an attempt to explain why one individual has lost his love of Arsenal. In fact he is not the only one, and it a view I hear a lot nowadays.... More >

Direct Approach Earns Some Reward Player Ratings

For a change we actually participated in an exciting, direct, end-to-end game. I can't recall the last time we started a game so poorly, as we were all over the place and basically... More >

Time For Change* Welbz MotM Player Ratings

I've found myself saying this a lot lately, but that was another of the worst games I can recall watching in recent time. It was what seems to have become the usual story against "... More >