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What is needed to win the league?

By DJArse
July 20 2015

DJArse posted these comments on the forum looking back to last season and looking forward to the coming one. Cech looks like a good aquisition but is there more to be done? DJs views follow:... More >

How was the season for you?

How was the season for you? Jack Is the Truth the username of a regular poster on this forum posed the following questions:... More >

Has Cech deal collapsed

Last night Sky Sports News refused to fully confirm that Cech deal was completed. At 9 pm Cech tweeted it was still not complete.... More >

Can Wenger Break the 3rd/4th Paradigm and Finish First?

Rather than look into a crystal ball Merlion a regular Arsenal Time Poster crunches the stats to see if Wenger can break the 3rd/4th cycle and actually finish first next season. Do... More >

Cup Final Arsenal Player Ratings Jack Man of the Parade

We sat and had lunch in our usual pub on Harrow on the Hill, our numbers somewhat depleted by the cut in the number of tickets available, everyone a loyal Gunner of years standing.... More >

Walcott puts himself in shop window. Player Ratings v WBA

One thing that pleased me is that, to begin with, West Brom set themselves up just like Swansea and Sunderland, with lots of bodies defending their penalty area. Walcott's pace and... More >

Same Old Arsenal Ratings v Sunderland

This was basically the Swansea match all over again. Fortunately they didn't get a smash-and-grab winner this time, though Steven Fletcher came very close twice. We failed to hit t... More >

Ramsey MotM Lucky Arsenal Player Ratings

Woeful is putting it kindly, to be honest. Somehow Arsenal managed to escape with a point though and I'd have took that before the game. Wenger has to stop playing people out of po... More >

Return of the Crab. Player Ratings

I thought we were past games like this, but here we are again. Swansea were deep, compact and kept men behind the ball, and allowed us to pass the ball sideways along the penalty a... More >

Can Arsenal Win League Next Year?

After last night's scintillating display the inevitiable question arises can Arsenal win the league next year, having now failed for the last ten. Merlion looks back at what went w... More >