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Gibbs Late Show Stops Brussells Rout  Players ratings

By Eduardo
October 22 2014

One minute Arseal could have been routed in Brussells, the next they had won the game. Anderlecht paid for lack of experience, instead of closing the game down they opened up and Arsenal subs took full advantage. The main bright spot is Alexis sparkling form and his assist for the winning goal. Meanwhile Dortmund have a goal difference of 9-0. Anderlecht and Galatasary are firmly nailed on the bo... More >

Players rating v Hull Alexis MotM?

Well yet another draw in the Premiership at home, Arsenal flattered to decieve. The early goal, and what an excellent goal it was, raised hopes for a win, at last we would be back ... More >

Arsenal lack flair in final third Player Ratings

It's possible that some Arsenal fans manged to buy some flares off some disgruntled Galatasary fans; if they did they provided the Gunners no more luck than the hapless Turks had o... More >

Player ratings v Galatasaray no doubt who is MotM

Danny Welbeck becomes the third Arsenal player to score a hat trick in CL. One was Henry and the other Nik Bentdner, let us hope this is a sign of great things to come. he could ha... More >

Player ratings v Spurs

A strange mix of tikka takka and lobbing the ball up in the air across the  penalty box to a lone Welbeck contrived to see Spurs go ahead. Only then were Arsenal galvanised in... More >

Player ratings v Southampton

In the past Wenger lite teams have managed to beat strong opposition at home, but this time perhaps it was the squad that was  too lite. Indeed last week the lite nature of hi... More >

Player ratings v Villa Ozil MotM?

I was nowhere near the game today,not even ATV, but got lots of excited texts from happy gunners. The concensus was that a change of formation had brought a change of luck. So perh... More >

Player ratings the worst ever? Roll of shame

I shan't spend any time describing the awaful shamble we witnessed tonight. It was an embarrasment, but who was the most embarrasing player on the pitch?Check the ratings below and... More >

Player ratings v City

Apologies to Jack for accidentally deleting his thread. But the good news is that he is now a front page feature. I did hear that MotD made Sanchez their best player but Jack makes... More >

Player Ratings v Leicester Who needs strikers?

Who needs strikers when you have such an embarrassment of riches? Well an embarrassment at least, 24 shots, 9 on target one goal scored for every 9 shots on target. Meanwhile Leice... More >

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