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They Didn't Come to Bury Wenger

By Boris Mellor
April 22 2018

The happy crowd had not come to bury Wenger, the intention was to praise him, it was a sunny day at The Arsene Wenger Stadium, recently renamed by Paul Merson. There was a holiday atmosphere, and it was the first time in ages that I had to queue to get in via the bag check line.... More >

Arsenal sleep walk to sixth Player Ratings

I think its fairly obvious that nobody at the club gave a toss about this match. That was reflected in the line up and the performance. The defence really let us down today. No Ram... More >

Welbeck Makes It Ten Player Ratings

Should've been a routine second leg performance against a poor CSKA side, but we didn't get going and invited CSKA into the game, but finally started playing for the last half an h... More >

Welbeck MotM v Saints Player Ratings

When a spirited Southampton side fighting relegation and featuring Shane Long, and a complacent and heavily rotated Arsenal side came head-to-head, it was always going to be an ope... More >

Ramsey Wonder Goal Buries Moscow

Really good game. So open in the first half, where we took four of our chances but CSKA failed to punish "openness". Second half we could've easily scored four or five but failed t... More >

Arsenal win with minimum fuss v Milan Ratings

And we're through with minimal fuss. I'd forgotten what it feels like to win a European knockout tie.... More >

I was there when Cech finally saved a pen + player ratings

I am one of the few people who can say they were there when Cech finally saved a penalty for Arsenal. Well you might say 58,249 is not a few, well yes but the stadium was half empt... More >

Italian Job - Arsenal Crim Ratings

Two huge away goals, a clean sheet and much, much better performance. A good response to a rubbish few weeks.... More >

Plucky Little Arsenal Hold Gulls to 2-1 Player Ratings

Clueless defensively, aimless going forward. Thought Brighton were mint.... More >

Pointless Arsenal Player Ratings

In our defence we at least attempted to respond today. Not that it's saying much, we were better than on Sunday. We looked good for the first 10 minutes of the second half, but qui... More >