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Match Report and Ratings v Chelsea

By Matty Sadler
September 19 2017

I was expecting a classic "Arsenal at the Bridge Whipping" to be honest, even before I'd seen the starting eleven, but that just made me even more pessimistic. I'm not sure whether it came from the manager, or the players themselves, but there was quite obviously a change in how we usually approach these games. It reminded me of that away game at the Etihad a few years ago, where nobody gave us a ... More >

Thanks Koln FC, and Player Ratings

The last time I remember Arsenal playing Koln (in the then Fairs Cup) was in the 1970-1 double season. We won 2-1 at home, but thankfully they won 1-0 in Germany and Arsenal went o... More >

Is There a Real Wenger Legacy ?

The recent debacle caused, yet again, at Liverpool, followed by the shambles of the last 48 hours of the transfer has provoked many to question Wenger's legacy, and what exactly is... More >

It Hurt To Watch Ratings Liverpool v Arsenal

What is there left to say? That was absolutely horrific from start to finish. I have no idea what Arsenal were trying to do but there was a completely lack of any sort of system or... More >

Lacazette MotM Player Ratings v Leicester

What a game to kick the season off! We started the first half well and took the lead through a fantastic Lacazette header, but our makeshift defence and unbalanced team soon cost u... More >

Iwobi MotM? Player Ratings v Chelsea

I expected Arsenal to get battered to be honest, especially after seeing the starting lineup, but we just about edged the first half. In true Arsenal fashion, however, we conceded ... More >

Arsena Player Ratings as Double Still On After Losing to SvL

Poor, especially when compared to yesterday, but we still won our own trophy yay (and a trophy double is still on, if we beat Chavs, ha ha Ed). So Arsenal won one game and lost one... More >

Player Ratings v Benfica as Nelson Impresses

An enjoyable enough game to watch. Arsenal looked dangerous going forward throughout but were typically poor defensively in the first half. Nelson, Kolasinac and Walcott were the s... More >

The Demise of the Arsenal Brit Pack Failure of a Policy?

In December 2012, Arsenal announced a mass of contract extensions as five British players, unofficially known as the “Brit Pack”, signed long term deals. There was Jack... More >

Loan Arranger Arsenal Loanees Full Progress Report

Every year a number of players make temporary exits, many of which lead to permanent exits. Some are playing for their careers, Arsenal or otherwise, while others are simply youngs... More >