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The Chants

By Kyle Braithwaite
March 1 2007

The voice on the Toon Terrace


Blaydon Races
Oh me lads! You shud of seen us gannin
Passin the folks along the road just as they were stannin
All the lads n lasses there, all with smilin faces
Gannin along the Scotswood Road!
To see the Blaydon races.

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Geordie Boot Boys
We are the Geordies! The Geordie Boot Boys!
For we are mental! For we are mad!
For we're the loyalist football supporters!
The world has ever had!


United! (clap clap clap)


We are the Geordies

We are the Geordies
The cock of the north
We all hate Man Utd
And 'Boro of course
We all drink whiskey
And Newcastle broon
The Newcastle boys are in town
la la la la la la


Hey, Hey!
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, hey, Shearer!
Oooh! Ahhh!
I wanna knooooooow, how you scored that goal!


Same old Shearer...
Always scoring!


Kieron Dyer
There's only one Kieron Dyer!
One Kieron Dyer!
There's only one Kieron Dyer!


Toon Toon Black n White Army
Toon! Toon!
Black n White Army!


Stand up if you hate Sunderland!


La-laaaaaaa! La-laaaaaaa!


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