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Champions Slayed

By Gary Watton
December 9 2018

It was so typical of Chelsea to lose meekly at mediocre Wolverhampton Wanderers and then four days later to cut the league leaders down to size. It's almost something of a Chelsea tradition to gun down the team that goes on to win the league. Hopefully this will be the case this season, as a Manchester City triumph is a lesser evil than Liverdisease or Tottensham becoming champions. Hopefully the ... More >

Dismal Display In Wolverhampton

Chelsea Football Club's obsession with Serie A managers may be rebounding once more, as Maurizio Sarri presided over another lack lustre performance and miserable result. As a cons... More >

A Far From Perfect Victory

An early goal from Pedro should have led to the floodgates opening against bottom of the table Foolham, but instead Chelsea limped through much of the proceedings, bereft of both i... More >

A Gentle Little Stroll

This tussle, if I could even call it that, was nullified when the visitors incurred an early red card. Thereafter it was merely a case of how many that goal shy Chelsea would conve... More >

Absolutely Awful Derby Performance

For the second time this year, Tottenham Hotspur defeated Chelsea by three goals to one, and predictably Delle Ali was amongst the scorers. This rarest of Wembley wins by the 'migh... More >

Not Quite Today

Chelsea's attacking endeavours came up just short against a solid Everton, leaving the hosts trailing Manchester Mercenaries by four points in the English charts. In other years, a... More >

Giroud Scores!

We were treated to the rarity of a Morata double on Sunday past, and four days later another collector's item pops up, namely a goal from the notoriously non-scoring Olivier Giroud... More >

A Double From Morata!

Double helpings from Alvaro Morata are as rare as the proverbial hen's teeth. Today was one such occasion when the Spanish marksman earned his inflated salary with two decent strik... More >

Lampard's Return

Chelsea legend Frank Lampard made an emotional return to Stamford Bridge in this Carabao Cup tie whereupon his dangerous Derby County team were a little unlucky to lose by the odd ... More >

An Outstanding Result

Awkward old Burnley were the first team to defeat Chelsea in the league last year, but happily there was to be no repeat this time. Instead, the team in yellow produced not just a ... More >