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Another Chelsea Defeat For Guardiola

By Gary Watton
December 8 2016

With the help of a very obliging home defence and goalkeeper, Chelsea came back from the dead to score thrice in the last half hour. Until Costa's timely equaliser, the hosts looked certain to double their lead and emerge victorious, but the lack of a killer instinct was their undoing, as the Premiership leaders taught them a valuable lesson in clinical attacking. Of course the contest descended i... More >

Moses Sinks Tottensham

Good old Tottenham Coldspur were obliging yet again, as they left Stamford Bridge empty-handed for the umpteenth time in recent decades. To be precise, this was the mighty Spurs's ... More >

Chelsea On Premiership Summit

It may only be November. It may be a marathon and not a sprint. It may have been a distinctly average performance. Nevertheless, Chelsea are back home, sitting on top of the Englis... More >

Toffees Trounced

Remember remember the fifth of November. On fireworks night the champions of 2015 produced a remarkable display of footballing pyrotechnics that had all manner of experts and pundi... More >

An Outstanding Result

After the midweek cup misery in the east end of London, it was normal business resumed for a rampant Chelsea that defended exceptionally well at tricky Southampton and emerged with... More >

A Night Of Woe

Not for the first time in the club's history, Chelsea followed up a momentous triumph with a serving of something considerably less savoury. Mr Conte chose to tinker with his team,... More >

Chelsea Humiliate Jose Mourinho

I fell asleep on Sunday afternoon and had this beautiful dream that we stuffed ManUre four-nil. Pedro and Kante both scored. It must be a dream. We defended well and Tibo kept a cl... More >

Leicester Licked

It was hard to imagine that today's awful opposition were convincing champions of the Premiership five months previously. Perhaps they are just not the same without the missing Mah... More >

An Improvement

So Antonio Conte has finally re-jigged his stuttering defensive formation, and lo and behold stroppy Courtois and chums help themselves to a rare clean sheet. I prefer to measure C... More >

Another Defensive Horror Show

I suppose that they had to beat us some time, and so it has eventually come to pass. We were woeful, making them look good.... More >