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A Satisfying Semi Triumph

By Gary Watton
April 22 2018

Securing their third win in eight days (albeit two of them against struggling Southampton), Chelsea just might finish the season with a flourish and even lift more silverware. Antonio Conte and man of the match Eden Hazard certainly seem desperately keen to atone for the final flop last year and potentially end their Chelsea careers on a high. They will have the small matter of a date with sourpus... More >

Adequate Performance

Chelsea did just enough to see off the surprisingly feeble challenge from Burnley in this Thursday night non-event, thereby consolidating our likely fifth position finish whilst al... More >

Giroud Inspires Late Revival

It looked like another ritual defeat for struggling Chelsea, another bad day at the office for an impotent outfit. Then lo and behold, Monsieur Giroud reminded us why we bothered t... More >

Awful Finishing Is Simply Unacceptable

What is to be said that has not already been said in the last few months? The champions (they still are!) are impotent and toothless in front of goal. It would be no exaggeration t... More >

Horrible, Inevitable Result

Well it did have to happen eventually! Oh well. Look out Europa League. Here comes Chelsea. The outgoing champions of England are I'm afraid going into decline. Having climbed to s... More >

Morata Scores!

Chelsea achieved another cup triumph at Leicester City and in so doing progressed yet again to the FA Cup semi finals where they will take on Southampton for a place in the final. ... More >

European Exit

Chelsea actually played quite well, but they were given a dose of their own medicine. All too often in recent years, we have soaked up pressure and mugged opponents like Tottenham ... More >

An Unimpressive Victory

The hosts took maximum points and avenged two defeats by Crystal Palace from the last twelve months, but this was a mediocre win against a mediocre team. The home team should have ... More >

A Predictable Result

As expected, champions-elect Manchester City gave outgoing champions Chelsea the runaround, as the latter were treated to a footballing lesson. It's doubtful whether the slow learn... More >

A Pitiful Setback

One-goal Chelsea came unstuck in Salford when they again failed to score many goals in a major match and consequently failed again to beat a major rival. Since these two teams last... More >

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