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Rules for Total Tranmere Forums

By Total Tranmere
April 22 2007







In order to keep the Message Forums on this site enjoyable for all, we have a few Rules and Regulations which we would like our Users to take note of and adhere to.

The Admin Team feels that none of these rules are particularly over the top or too much to ask and they have been introduced mainly to promote courtesy and respect to other Users and to make the use of the Forums as comfortable and easy for all Users as possible.

We welcome anyone to the Total Tranmere Message Boards no matter what age you are or which team you support but we do ask for the following rules to be taken into account......

Rule 1: Respecting Opinions of Others:

A discussion forum is just that – it’s a place for Rovers fans and Opposition fans alike to discuss matters relating to Tranmere Rovers, a specific match or football in general and should always allow users the freedom to express opinions and put points across from both sides of an argument.

We therefore request that forum users respect the rights to an opinion of every user no matter how much you may disagree with it.

Rule 2: Abuse Towards Other Users and Admin Staff:

Countering the opinions of other users with your own views should always be part and parcel of the discussion forum but by the same token, every user should always feel comfortable with posting their views without fear of certain types of responses from other users.

We therefore request that forum users refrain from personal attacks, insults, bullying and harassment of other forum users and towards forum moderators and staff.

Rule 3: Offensive Language:

Whilst many of us may use offensive language in everyday life amongst friends, there will always be some forum users who find such language offensive and as there is now way of knowing who reads the forum and what their feelings are on the matter we have introduced this rule.

All Sportnetwork forums do have a built-in swear filter anyway to curb this type of language but it’s not always totally reliable.

We therefore request that users refrain from using language of an offensive nature on the forum in respect of those who may be offended.

Rule 4: No Text-Speak:

Text-Speak may be much more common in everyday life these days but as with swearing in the rule above, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea as it can make posts difficult to both read and understand for anyone not familiar with such types of speech.

We therefore request that posts on the Forum do not contain any text-speak in respect of those not familiar with it’s concept.

Rule 5: Keep Threads On Topic:

At times of heated discussion, it’s easy for some threads to stray from the initial topic as different points are added. Whilst at times this can be of little detriment to the flow of the thread there can be times when the initial point of the original post gets lost amongst what has followed.

We therefore request that threads are kept on topic as much as possible and should they drift away, attempts be made to bring the topic back on track.

Rule 6: Typing in Upper Case and/or Bold:

Typing messages or thread titles on our forum which are completely in Bold typeface or upper case (Capital) lettering can often appear aggressive to other users, perhaps even when sometimes this is not the intention of the person posting the message.

Upper case letters and Bold text can be used in posts to emphasise a particular word or phrase that may be important but not in a complete message or thread title.

We therefore request that users refrain from typing entire posts or paragraphs in capital letters or in Bold text.

Rule 7: Off-Topic Posts on Main Message Board:

Due to its lack of use, Total Tranmere withdrew its Off-Topic Forum a number of years ago. Should you still feel a topic that isn’t directly related to Tranmere Rovers is worthy of discussion on the forum then there is no rule against this happening.

The off-topic threads though, will need highlighting in way that allows users to distinguish between Tranmere discussions and off-topic discussions.

We therefore request that any posts on the forum that are not related specifically to Tranmere or the League in which they are in, be marked with OT (for off-topic) at the beginning of the thread title (e.g OT: Wayne Rooney and England).

Rule 8: SportNetwork Applied Rules:

Finally, there are a few rules which we are required to apply to the forum by the site hosts, SportNetwork.


Any racist, sexist or otherwise libellous or slanderous comments against people (whether it be other forum users or staff and players at Tranmere) will be removed at the discretion of the moderating team as there have been cases in the recent past of site owners being brought to court for libel for having such comments on their forums regardless of them being responsible for the comments themselves.


The advertising of or linking to other websites via the forum is not permitted unless prior permission is given by the moderating team.  This does not apply to posts that may be of an interest value to the topic that is being discussed (e.g a web-link to a story about Tranmere Rovers). To get permission to post such messages please contact us on the contact details at the end of this article.


Should we decide that any of the above rules have been breached, the forum moderating team reserves the right to either amend of delete any forum post related to the breach of that rule which may on some occasions include removal of certain replies from other users if the flow of the thread looks to have been disrupted by the posts removal.

The moderating team also reserves the right to warn users about future breaches for certain offences and also the right to ban (either temporarily or permanently) any user found to have severely or persistently broken these rules.

Depending on the offence, a warning will usually be issued to a user first before a ban comes into effect should there then be any further offences after the warning. A warning will usually be via a Private Message to the individual user concerned and not done publicly on the forum.


We hope that by introducing these few rules, the forum will be able to attract many more users in the future and the whole experience of using it will be much more enjoyable.

To contact the Forum Moderating Team please email us at

Thank You for Your Co-operation

Total Tranmere Admin Team







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