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Link to Us - Partner Up with ManUtdWeb!

By Chris O'Brien
February 3 2005


A link exchange with ManUtdWeb is extremely beneficial for any web-site. We are one of the biggest Manchester United fanzines on the world wide web and welcome thousands of visitors to our pages every single month.

The site offers advertising space to companies, organisations and web-sites interested in displaying their banner on ManUtdWeb. We also boast a healthy text links page for all United, football and gambling web pages that may interest our viewers.

If you are interested in displaying ManUtdWeb's logo on your site or would like to organise a link exchange; please follow the instructions below and drop our editor an e-mail.

To place the above banner on your web-page, simply cut and paste the HTML in the box below onto the desired page of your web-site. Easy peasy!

<img src="" mce_src="" border="0" height="25" width="115">

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