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How To Use The Hibs Messenger Service

By Alan Turnbull
April 1 2003

The new Messenger service realy needs more people to sign up. It's easy to use and is free. It works similar to MSN, If enough people sign up you should be able to chat to sports minded people at any time of the day, read more for how to use and what you can get out of it. Please sign up Hi there, I have been looking at the new messenger section of the site and a few of you have registered. I think many of you are unsure of how the system works - it took me a while to work it out! Once registered and logged in, you need to click on the search icon and click on submit once the page loads. This will show a list of registed users. You can then ask users to allow you to add them to your list of friends. Once that person has agreed, the next time you log on a messege will appear - telling you tha you have been added (if the user agreed) This person will then be on your friend list which appears when you login to the service! You can then have converstaions with your friends and even hold confrences! If enough people join up there I am hoping there will be sports minded people on line most of the day you can converse with. Remember this can be found at

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