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Time For Change - League Reconstruction Prt 1

By Alan Turnbull - 26/03/03
March 26 2003

League Reconstruction allways seems to be a topic for debate regarding the SPL in Scotland. I now feel the time is right for a 16 team top league Part 1 As a Hibs fan I feel the argument for league reconstruction is a strong one, for as long as I can remember there has been league reconstruction talk season after season. The league have made changes but only 10 team and 12 team league set ups have been the norm in my lifetime. Now I think it's time to create a 16 team top league. Take this season where there may not be any relegation from the top league because the SPL rules state that SPL members must have a stadium that can hold a minimum of 10000 sitting fans, which would mean that if the current 1st Division leaders Falkirk were to win the league they could well be denied entry as Brockville does not fulfil that requirement ensuring that teams such as Motherwell and Dundee Utd would live to fight another day. Currently Falkirk are hoping to lease Airdrie's ground next season and the SPL are discussing this option. It seems ridiculous that a requirement for 10000 seats has been made when there are a few clubs who toil to get that amount through the turnstiles except for when the Old Firm come to town, and the way the attendance's are going down Easter Road way Hibs could soon fall into that category. Stadiums should have to meet certain requirements but football is played on the park so a top division should consist of the top teams. There are several teams outside the current top flight who would make a healthy contribution to the top flight, teams such as Falkirk, Inverness Calley, Clyde, Raith Rovers, St Mirren and a fair few others

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