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Keane Would Sleep Outside Ireland's Door To Get Him Back

S. Ireland

By Brian
May 14 2009

Roy Keane has gotten himself involved in the Ireland vs Ireland saga lately. He was speaking about the situation regarding Ireland's continued absence from the Irish International team and commented "'When Brian Clough was manager and was trying to get Archie Gemmill to sign, he slept on the sofa. I wouldn’t sleep on Stephen Ireland’s sofa but I’d sleep outside his house to try and get him back"

Keane who billed Stephen Ireland as the best Irish player around at the moment continued to say that "He would obviously make a big, big, difference to the Irish team, He looks happy in himself, playing for Man City. He’s been one of the most consistent players in the Premiership this season, in a team that has been inconsistent"

"'He might have a reason and we have to respect that whatever it might be. But never say never. I'd keep persevering. If I was Trapattoni, I would literally sleep outside his house"

 Keane, who has recently returned to management with Championship side Ipswich, commented on another sticky point regarding the Irish National side. The absence of Andy Reid from Trapatonni's first team selections. "'Andy Reid has as much quality as any player but he doesn’t deserve to be in the Ireland squad at this moment in time, as he’s not doing enough. I think Reidy could be fitter."

Never one to be shy and unheard, Keane's involvement is sure to have an effect on Trapatonni. Knowing Keane's legendary status amongst the Irish fans, however infamous it may be, will surely make him listen and pay more attention to the subject at hand.

Hopefully this interjection by Keane might spur on the return of Stephen Ireland to the National fray and improve the chances of our advancement in current competitions.

Stay tuned here on the Republic Of Ireland forum for updates on this story as they happen.

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Keane Would Sleep Outside Ireland's Door To Get Him Back
Discussion started by Ireland (IP Logged), 14/05/2009 21:15
14/05/2009 21:15
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Carlo Von Schutt
15/05/2009 02:13
Roy Keane is an absolute Irish legend.

Okay that's stating the bleeding obvious!

Sometimes he has the ability to get it so wrong.

Withdrawing from the 2002 World Cup squad.

But, obviously, he also has the ability to get it absolutely right.

As the article says "Keane ... billed Stephen Ireland as the best Irish player around at the moment."

And I, for what it's worth, completely agree.

Ireland is a genius. A flawed genius, but, nevertheless a genius.

This man has the ability to turn a game with a flash of his superman shorts. He can beguile the opposition with his pink alloys. He can draw his opponents in with the scandalising contents of his Ipod.

But that's nothing compared to his sublime skills as a footballer!

This guy oozes class. He's bald-head and shoulders above anything else the ROI has to offer in the role of (mercurial), match-winning play-maker.

Touch, passing, vision; Ireland has it all in spades!

Trappatoni is an Italian father figure, all it would take is an act of contrition. Three "how's your fathers" and five "bloody Marys" and the deal will be sealed. Il Papa and (Ill) prodigal son united under the wholly peaceful tri-colour.

The father, the son and, holy 5hit, the transubstantiation from workmanlike midfield to one containing the creator supreme.

Sleep on his sofa? Camp outside his home? Feck that!

I'd make his breakfast, lunch and dinner if it would entice him back to the fold.

(Okay Leeds didn't make the play-off final and I'm addled, but) Ireland I'd even be your personal Magdelene if only you'd see sense and and realise you're desperately needed.

Stephen your country needs you!

The more you can increase fear of drugs and crime, welfare mothers, immigrants and aliens, the more you control all the people.
Noam Chomsky
What we have witnessed is the implosion of the Blaircheritre-Thatcherite neoliberal selfish capitalist project..... neo-liberalism has failed!
Oliver James
(unts Are Still Running The World
Jarvis Cocker

16/05/2009 12:22
I think its only a matter of time before Ireland returns. Granted the subject isnt the easiest one to find a reslolution for but i believe that in time, he will wear the green jersey again. Just needs the right man to approach him and have a word.

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