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By Hilda Ogden
March 13 2008

For the first time in 81 years Cardiff City have reached the semi-finals of the coveted FA Cup THE GREATEST CUP COMPETITION IN THE WORLD!!! Poor old Stan is soo excited he can hardly concentrate and is still floating on cloud nine and ten, hence the reason for my editing the front page this week. I can only try to imagine what all you lucky but also well deserving City fans are feeling and the emotions going through you after looking at the stupid grin on Stans face since he arrived home from Middlesborough on Sunday night. God forbid with such a great chance for you to beat Barnsley and go through to the final I can only wonder what Stan will be like then and when (sorry if) you win it he would never come back down to earth again. I really do hope you go through to the final and have the best time ever at Wembley even though I am a Leeds fan I don't begrudge you what could be a once in a lifetime chance.

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