Club Sack McParland
By Sonny Rock
May 3 2002

Tom Stays

In another move that will shock Sons fans Dumbarton have sacked youth coach Davie McParland. Club website supremo Jim McAllister released the following statement via email. Also four first team players have been released as Tam rebuilds. Unfortunately Neil Rankine still owns our club.
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Club Release Statement

McParland Sacked

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Report by Sonny Rock

Here is the exact statement as released by Club Website Guru Jim McAllister:

"Director of Football Davie McParland has left Dumbarton F.C. After discussions with the board, it was decided the club could not sustain a Director of Football as this time. It is felt there will be a number of players available during the summer who will have experience at a higher level who will meet the criteria in the short term. The youth development policy has not been scrapped and will be under the domain of the team manager.

The following players have been released :-

Jon Connolly, Jamie McKay, John Ritchie and Jamie Bruce.

Although Jamie has been around the cklub in recent weeks, he has not altered his decision to concentrate on his work commitments.

Jim McAllister"

Perhaps the fact that Big Tam and Davie McParland wouldn't talk to each other never mind work together had some bearing on the decision - with Tam winning promotion the club obviously felt he couldn't go so McParland had to.

In more promising news Sons are trying to sign Ayr forwarrd (and former loan star) John Bradford as a replacement for Paddy Flannery.  Although if they actually offered Paddy a contract there might be a chance he would stay.

Report by Sonny Rock

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