'This day in history' 1st May 2002
By Ivybridge Wolf
May 1 2020

Not a great day!

Another small article to stimulate the memory cells! Not a great memory this time around but maybe a catalyst for what was to come the following season? On 1st May 2002, Wolves played Norwich City in the second leg of the play off semi final. Of course, this was to become our last match of the season, a season which promised everything but at the death, gave only torcher and heartbreak for all Wolves fans.

Who went to this match? I did, trawling up my two lads up the M5 on a night that promised a great deal, despite a terrible first leg at Carrow Road where we went down 3-1. I remember the atmosphere at Molineux was magnificent at the start, all 27,418 absolutely rocking with the Liquidator blasting out of the tannoys.

But this was the season that wasn't.

We had been way ahead in the league, toe to toe with Manchester City for the title, Albion at one point 11 ponts behind. No hope for them! We played Grimsby at home in March, easy win? Muscat right hooked one of their players in front of the South Bank, got red and we lost to the bottom side. For many, including myself, this was the day it all went wrong. I went to Florida on 30th March and by the time I returned on 13th April it was looking dire, this after defeats to Manchester City and Millwall. Jet lagged, we all travelled up on 14th April for the Wimbledon match, we won but it wasn't great, Albion firmly having the advantage now before the last match of the season.

We travelled up again to Hillsborough the following saturday, and when Cameron scored after 30 seconds and I went mad in the middle of the Wednesday fans. I survived. We drew. Albion beat Palace. They were promoted. We weren't.

so, to Molineux on 1st May. I was still confident but it was tight and cagey, edgy in the stands as time wore on. Then deep into the second half Kevin 'Scoops' Cooper scored a great goal .... hope.

We pressed, we pushed and huffed. The anxiety was awful. In the very final seconds a cross flew over (can't remember if it was a corner) and from close range a header fell to Paul 'Butts' Butler ..... HE BLOODY MISSED IT!!!! Final whistle, devastation, hurt, demoralised, exhausted.

Roll on 2002/03, couldn't be any worse could it??!!!

The team that night was:

Michael Oakes

Gunnar Halle (Sub Kenny Miller 74)

Paul Butler

Joleon Lescott

Mo Camara

Colin Cameron

Kevin Copper

Shaun Newton (Sub Mark Kennedy 46)

Alex Rae

Nathan Blake

Dean Sturridge


Keep safe all, UTW!