Super Saddlers
How YOU can put the Saddlers on SportNetwork
By Saddler Sam
April 9 2008

Here's YOUR chance to help boost the worldwide image and the exposure of Walsall Football Club on the internet. We are looking for a fan or group of fans to publish an unofficial Walsall site on SportNetwork, our fast-growing community of fervent fans of clubs all over the country, and it wouldn't be complete without the Saddlers.
After last season's promotion, Walsall have done more than just establish themselves in League One, and this is your chance to help maintain recent progress on and off the pitch and to provide a forum for like-minded supporters of the club.
You don't have to be a technical wizard, we provide the technology that enables you to build and expand your own site dedicated to Walsall. And it's completely free.
Not only that, but we have introduced a new system which will pay publishers for the number of hits their site attracts.
The better the site, the more popular it becomes - the more hits it attracts, the more money you could make.
Walsall's progress in recent seasons has attracted a lot of attention, and all Saddlers fans have every reason to believe the club is going places.
Now you can make sure you are part of that bright future and give Walsall and the fans something extra by producing a website dedicated to the club.
Click the link above to see how.