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Forum Rules

By Robbo
May 26 2008

Hello and welcome to Donny Days, the ultimate Doncaster Rovers fan website, EXCLSUIVELY on SportNetwork. Of course like all fans sites, we love banter. But we don't love personal threats and abuse and it will not be tollerated at all on this website. Thankyou for taking your time to read our rules, if you have any queries please e-mail us.

1. Posters must not engage in personal abuse or threats of violence. Posts of an intolerant, untasteful or illegal nature will be removed and relevant action taken against the poster. This includes comments about a person which could be deemed libellous.

2. People of all ages read and post on the website. Bear this in mind when making a post for any comments or language which would be unsuitable for a large age-range.

3. Do not publish copyrighted materials. If quoting a newspaper article, quote the first paragraph then provide a link as there is absolutely no need to paste the whole article.

Posting Tips for Donny Days...

1. If you have a complaint about a post please do not post it on the board. Use the site email or click the report post button.

2. We would ask that posters try to keep their signature images to a reasonable size. No wider than 450 pixels or taller than 75 pixels is preferable.

3. Bear in mind copyright issues when posting images. Images are not meant to be published if they are copyrighted. If you are not sure about an image do not use it.

4. We advise all posters NOT to put their email address' in their posts and to ensure they take care to not post details which could cause privacy issues.

These are the SportNetwork rules and so don't take a dig at our Moderation team if you do something that falls into one of theses categories as it is not wanted on the messageboard. 

Thankyou for visiting and we hope that you have a pleasant and enjoyed fill time of banter and laughter on "The Insight to the Red & White's" the Donny Days messageboard.

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