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Rules On The MessageBoard!

By Martyn Robinson
July 21 2006

The following rules are designed to make The Talk Of The Stanley Message Board a family orientated, friendly and welcoming environment to all.


  1. Swearing is to be kept to a minimum. Whilst we understand passions run high sometimes, and also that certain words will be automatically blanked out, it is the posters responsibility not to offend.
  2. There must not be any threats of personal violence, this will be taken very seriously and help will be given to the authorities if need be.
  3. You accept that you, as poster, are legally responsible for anything you write. Please bear in mind comments which may be deemed as slanderous or libellous.
  4. If you have a complaint about a fellow poster please do not post it on the board. Use the site email by clicking here!
  5. We would ask that posters try to keep their signature images to a reasonable size. Some people do not have big internet connections and this makes the board very slow for them. If Admin or the Moderators believe your image is too big they will email you a request to downsize it. If you persist in ignoring this a ban will be considered.
  6. We encourage rival fans to visit our board and take part in debate. Please respect our rules if you visit their board at all. We will take action if necessary.
  7. All images may be copyrighted. If you are not sure about an image do not use it. If you are sure then please give credits. If you wish to copy/download an image please ask permission of the poster or board admin.
  8. As Stanley fans are lucky to have so many good fan sites. May we respectfully remind you that disputes that may occur on other boards will not be tolerated on here and action will be taken.
  9. We advise all posters NOT to put their email address' in their posts. At the same time we would warn people that if a persons email address is used inappropriately we will report them to their ISP.
  10. Anything deemed to be offensive such as racialist remarks or stong sexual or violent topics will be removed and the posters warned if this sort of thread continues. 

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