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Tricks Of The Trade

By Martyn Robinson
July 20 2006

Tags and Stuff Are you struggling with the message board and how to format your text, link to a website or post photographs? Do you know what tags are? Fear Not, we are providing you with a guide to help you get to grips with the system.

We recommend you follow through the links section below to familiarise yourself with the concept of tags.

Are you struggling to provide clickable links to Burnley related articles on the internet? These two tags will turn the URL into something clickable.

  1. To get the URL click over the text in the address bar then right-click and from the menu choose copy.
  2. If you want the URL to be clickable insert a < into the message board new post box, then right click and select paste. Put a > at then end. There should be no spaces between the <,>, and the URL.
    gives once the message is posted.
  3. If you want something like Talk Of The Stanley to be the clickable text, then using the copy and paste method as in point 2, type up:
    [url=]Talk Of The Stanley[/url]
    The text in the first square brackets after url= indicates what URL the clickable text will load when clicked. The bit after, is the text you want to be clickable and the last set of square brackets let's the system know that there is no more text that needs to be clickable after this, allowing you to continue typing normal text.
  4. These square brackets are called tags, the first one is the opening tag and the last one with the same text inside but prefixed with a / is the closing tag.
  5. The url tag can be used for any address but all url's must be prefixed with their protocol (http:// ftp:// mailto: etc.)

To make text bold we need to use the bold tags, [b] indicates the start of bold text and [/b] indicates the end of bold text. To make Accrington Stanley bold, we need to enter the following:
[b]Accrington Stanley[/b]
This gives us Accrington Stanley.

Italic & Underline
This is exactly like above but we replace b with i to make italic text and replace with u to make underlined text.

Centre Text
We use the [center] tag, (note US spelling) to centre text.
[center]John Coleman[/center]

John Coleman
E-mail Address'
You can either use the url tag and prefix the e-mail address with mailto:, or use the [email] tag. We recommend that you don't post e-mail address'. If you want to make the e-mail address be clickable itself use step 1, to make text link to an e-mail address use step 2.
  1. To provide a link for the e-mail address, then:
    will give,
  2. To make the text Talk Of The Stanley link to the e-mail address , then:
    []Talk Of The Stanley[/url]
    will give
    Talk Of The Stanley

Inserting a Picture
If you know the url of a picture and wish to insert it, this can be done using [img] codes. To make the picture at or appear as an image in your post use this:


One more tip, don't use the [s] tag or use [s] when you mean (s) (Aimed at TMP). (Let's see who uses it and then wishes they hadn't)

When you feel confident, let's see if you can combine these to give bold links, or centered images which when clicked on take you to another website.

Hint: [b][u]Hello[/u][/b] gives Hello, also don't forget to close any tags you've opened.

Good Luck!

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