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Message to all clubs and fans

By Sam
July 8 2006

We all share the same passion for football and no matter who you support I have a personal message that is to every club and there fans in the Country.

Weíll itís not long now till the start of the season and some clubs will be looking to get promoted or returning after relegation last season and others will have seen the bookies odds and could be gearing up for a long hard fought battle to avoid relegation.

And after seeing my club go through good times by winning the Anglo-Italian Cup and bad times through getting relegated and also having my hopes of a successful World Cup, which I truly believed England would win, taken away, I know how heartbreaking and joyful football can be.

But no matter who you support we all have one thing in common, the love of football and the dreams we all have at the beginning of the season.

I can sit and watch two teams play just to get to watch a match there is another team I do like to watch and have my reasons to wanting to watch them, they are in League 2 but I wonít say who they are I have my love of Notts County who I have supported since being a child and I go to there games but I keep an eye on both results, and when these two clubs meet I go for a draw Iíve always had a back up Club especially since ITV Digital went bust and Clubs lost out which is why some clubs are in the situation they are.

However I will keep my opinions on the money factor in the game to myself, but will say to all lower Clubs fans, if you can get to a game, go and show your support.

I know Iíve got my hopes and dreams for my club and am looking forward to the start of the season and I know all you fans will have your dreams for your club.

So no matter what League you are in, if youíre expecting your club to get promoted or your expecting to be in a bitter relegation battle. I have one true message to all Clubs and their supporters and that is enjoy the season ahead and good luck all.

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