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Arsenal Make Best Signing Of The Summer
By Shane
September 16 2020

Forget about Willian, and Gabriel, and whoever this Iceland goalkeeper is. Hell, even forget about Thomas Partey or Houssem Aouar. Forget about everyone. We've just made the best signing we could possibly make this summer.

Back in the day, we all used to give Wenger a bit of stick for blurting out the 'like a new signing' gem but I don't think even the harshest of Wenger critic would bat an eyelid if he said it about Aubameyang, because he is.

Arsenal's social media team even teased the announcement like it was a new signing.

There were egg timer emojis which, in this day and age, is as conclusive as it gets that big news is en route, and the club's Twitter admin even changed our bio to something like: "If you're reading this, switch on notifications."

Everybody knew we were announcing Aubameyang and I genuinely believe that had we unveiled Partey or Aouar, you would've found quite a lot of tweets asking about Aubameyang in the responses.

That right there tells you about who the priority is.

We all know how important this geezer is to Arsenal and that's why it's such a bigger deal than a new signing.

Competitively, he has 72 goals in 111 appearances - AND he hit the 50-goal mark quicker than - ahem - Thierry Henry.

Even when we lost 3-2 to Aston Villa a couple of weeks ago, he still scored both goals.

At 31, he's absolutely going to slow down. He will gradually lose some of the explosive pace that makes him so comparable to Henry, but it won't be detrimental to his game.

How many of his 72 Arsenal goals can you remember? Eight? Ten? Fifteen? The reality is that most of his goals aren't very memorable (Controversial Ed).

For every one he curls home from distance, there's a dozen more scored tapped, scuffed or headed in from within the six-yard box, the sort of unflattering, unmemorable goals that will persist even when speed desserts him.

Even without his speed, Aubameyang is going to eat, sleep and breathe goals and we just couldn't have signed a better player.

He's under a new contract, but it'll be the same Aubameyang for the next three years