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Match Reports Team brings Ipswich 2-1 Burnley

Another away defeat!

By The Longside Match Reports Team
February 11 2006

With news of another away defeat, a sending off, no fight and very poor overall performance, here's the match report. Why not make comment in The Lounge?....


A Lee (62)
M Richards (83)

M Ricketts (45)

Westlake (10)

W Thomas (14 + 81 Off)
M Ricketts (45)
J Spicer (46)
W Elliott (92)

31 Shane Supple
2 Fabian Wilnis
4 Jason De Vos
6 Richard Naylor
26 Scott Barron
33 Ian Westlake (46)
19 Jimmy Juan
23 Owen Garvan
3 Matthew Richards
32 Alan Lee
10 Darren Currie

7 Jim Magilton
14 Dean McDonald
12 Jaime Peters
15 Luis Castro Sito (46)
34 Lewis Price

12 Brian Jensen
6 Michael Duff
2 Wayne Thomas
4 John McGreal
21 Jon Harley
19 John Spicer (89)
7 James O'Connor
8 Micah Hyde
9 Graham Branch (67)
10 Michael Ricketts
15 Gifton Noel-Williams (83)

3 Danny Karbassiyoon
11 Wade Elliott (89)
22 Duane Courtney (83)
16 Chris McCann (67)
14 Garreth O'Connor

Referee: Darren Deadman
Asst. Referee: Fred Graham
Asst. Referee: John M Hayto
Fourth Official: Steve Chittenden
Star Rating: *
Star Rating: ****
Star Rating: ****
Star Rating: ****

Attendance: 24,482
Shots on Target
Shots off Target
12 / 4
12 / 5
25 / 3
7 / 14
0 / 6
2 / 2
59% / 41%

So we're back on the road with another defeat! We won't discuss Alan Lee and his personal crusade to get as many men sent off as possible, or the Referees attempt to book every man we have, I guess we should start at the beginning.

An exciting first half in which Ipswich were very unlucky not to score, saw Michael Ricketts manage to increase his score tally for the clarets with his second goal in two outings. Ipswich opened the game with some strong attacking football, and were soon testing the defensive capabilities of the reinstated Thomas, who proved more than capable of dealing with the initial onslaught. The first shot on goal for Burnley was to be as early as the fourth minute, where GNW shot wide from the left channel. This was soon to be followed by a Ricketts rather tame effort which was ably dealt with by the Ipswich GK Shane Supple. Ipswich were able to get balls into the area from both Alan Lee and Matthew Richards, however Jensen was more than capable of dealing with these crosses. By the 10th minute it was evident that this was going to be a game of end to end stuff with the first player to be booked being Ian Westlake for a foul on JOC. The 14th minute saw the second Yellow of the game, Wayne Thomas being booked for a foul on Alan Lee. As for the first corner, it went to Burnley (28min) following a cross into the area from Branch which was cleared by Naylor, this was unfortunately cleared by Juan. The game moved on with both teams making progress and being negated by the opposition, however in the 40th minute a cross by Westlake was met by Lee from the centre of the penalty area and hit the post, which then continued across the goal line and stayed out. Bang on half time 45th minute, Ricketts managed to score with a right footed shot to bottom right hand net. HT ended 0-1 to the Clarets.

The Second Half could go either way. You know what it's like! Unfortunately it went bad. With a Sito coming on for Westlake at half time the game kicked off. No sooner had it done so than the Ref decided to book another one of us for fun, with Spicer being shown the yellow card. The first minutes was the Ipswich show and particularly Currie, who had one cross after another in the box. Needless to say on 62 minutes when Currie did it again, unfortunately the rather annoying (i'm being polite) Lee was there to tuck it home. 1-1. Would it wake us up? Would we move on and take a point or even fight for three? NOPE! With nothing changing it certainly didn't help when Duff was adjudged to have bought Lee down. At this stage we would be best concentrating on the Beast saving it. But no, Thomas decided he didn't want to play again on Tuesday, so he argued enough to get a second yellow. At least the fine will save the club some money from his wages! Desperate, rather pointless substitutions were made and that was it. 2-1 Ipswich

Ever get the feeling we will hear, unlucky, hard fought, good side, hard ground etc etc. Let's be honest, we were awful. One shining light? Ricketts 2 in 3 for us. Now let's get someone to play with him eh!

Joe Royle
Awaiting comments
Steve Cotterill
"The penalty that has won it, wasn't a penalty in my opinion."

"That has decided the game and we'd taken the lead with a great finish from Michael Ricketts and it's a pity that there was half a chance for him in the second half which he didn't do as well with, but we're pleased with his contribution today and just obviously disappointed not to get a result."

"We were comfortable, but it was just two bad goals. We had three against two on the touchline and we haven't come out to close the ball.."

"Duff has said that Lee said it wasn't a foul on him as they were coming off the pitch so from where I was sat I didn't think it was a penalty. If I see it on tv and it is, I'll say it's a penalty because I am honest."

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