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Turftalker casts his eye on the Trust idea...

By Turftalker
January 16 2004

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Column Three: 16th January 2004.

"The Supporter's Trust"

Well it is here! The big idea that the club has been crying out for for sometime!  A Supporter's Trust of course.

My hat goes off to all those supporter's groups and people involved with the initial plans so far for a Supporter's Trust.

Trust's may not be a unique idea and are in fact very common - but for Burnley it will a new venture that could quite simply make sure our club is around for years to come.

It is clear the club has financial problems, this is of course stating the blindly obvious. Equally the club still has a long way to go to rebuild the shattered PR reputation it has with many fans, something it could start improving by telling us just what the debt actually is - in clear black and white.  But nevertheless football clubs are unique, you are more often than not born in to them, you grow up with them and for this core reason we should not and cannot turn our backs.

All clarets should support the Trust idea - indeed this site will be doing so actively. It gives the potential for fans to take a stake in their club, get a more co-ordinated and louder voice in the higher echelons of decision-making and make sure the club is placed at the centre of the community - something Dave Edmundson has rightly championed. This Trust idea could quite simply make sure we have a Burnley Football Club in 5, 10, 50 years time.

There are still certain questions that need to be answered:

- Who will run the Trust and how will they be chosen?

- What does the Trust see as its short, medium and long term goals?

But it is clear all these can be thought through and discussed as the idea develops, starting with a meeting of the supporter's clubs at the end of this month.

Until then we as fans can do more, we can get that long lost relative to the Turf, we can drag the friend from his 5th pint and get him drinking him in the ground, we can try our luck on the Golden Gamble! We can even get to the ground that little bit earlier and support the attempts at pre-match atmosphere building. It can only help the team and the club.

There is a time and a place for criticism of the club for its handling of the current "crisis" and make no mistake it has some blame to take - but for the coming weeks those issues must be put to one side. They cannot disappear as that would be ignoring core problems that may effect the club in the future, but for now those 11 players on the pitch need 100% co-ordinated support.

Good Luck to all involved in the Trust idea and let it mark the beginning of a new era for the club - an era of greater communication, sensible management and rising quality of football. An era built for future clarets wherever they may be.

Remember it's OUR club and only we can make it survive.


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