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Bees dealt ground blow!

By Jamie Mcleod
July 2 2004

Barnet FC's attempts to relocate from Underhill or revamp the ground have been dealt a major blow with the news of Brian Coleman and the conservative party's re-election. The Torries and Coleman strongly opposed the south Underhill scheme and are yet to comment on the most recent Comprimise plans. Despite the best efforts of groups such as "Keep Barnet Alive" other issues have taken precedence and the man who recently dismissed Barnets ground search as "not his problem" has been re-elected.

Coleman and the conservatives won with 33.441% of the votes, 47,640 votes beating closest rivals Labour by 8% of the vote.

The news can only bring sadness and worry to Barnet FC and bees fans ears and a viable future for the club has today again been put under threat. league standards must be met in order to enable the club to progress however the councils approvement is required in all the issues relating to ground re-location or imporvement and with the re-election of Coleman another four years of unco-operation and inaction is likely.

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