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By Jamie Mcleod
September 24 2004

After rejection upon rejection of planning applications by the Torrie Barnet council, the bees may be forced to leave there home.

Today, Bees chairman Tony Kleanthous has confronted the reality that Barnet FC may not be able to secure a viable future in Barnet.

Since taking over the reigns 10 years ago, Mr Kleanthous has made several new stadium and improvement proposals to the Torrie council, but all have been quickly dismissed and rejected.

With the councils "not my problem" attitude continuing and the bees chairman forking out over 750,000 on planning applications during his tenure the Bees are now looking to move elsewhere.

Mr Kleanthous has promised to contact every council within an hours travelling distance of Barnet in order to try and stabilise the clubs long-term future.

Speaking to the clubs official website, Mr kleanthous said "If we can't get a supportive council, it is time to sit down and talk about going somewhere we are wanted"

Mr Kleanthous spoke tough and saying that the final decision will lie with the supporters.

"I cannot see a future unless we move, but the final decision will be left to supporters. What has happened to Barnet is an absolute disgrace. These Torrie councillors have embarked on making our lives a misery to try and get us fed up and leave the borough"

Mr Kleanthous, who has been supported every bit by Bees fans left a re-assuring note, calming rumors that he is ready to quit the club.

"I will carry on because if I go there wont be a club left" 

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