Arsenal Times
Why can't Arsenal use outfield free kicks? Player Ratings
By Boris Mellor
April 7 2019

Well the fear of flying has clearly got even worse since Denis left. This was utter cak.

Yes some key players were unavailable, but this was a chance for one or two to claim a first team place. AMN and Elneny failed abysmally, not that anyone else could claim any glory. This was wall to wall rubbish. Why can't Arsenal take outfield free kicks, or throw ins to any profit? True this has only been going on for the last 20 years, but sort it. Another Sunday wasted.

Gawd knows why I have bought an away ticket for Napoli, if I want to see a performance with fire my only hope is to stick my head down Fe*king Vesuvius.

Player Ratings

Leno, 7 without him it would have been far far worse, a lot of keepers wouldnt have made so many good saves

Sokratis, 5 lumbered around like a startled Elephant with it's main ambition reduced to avoiding a second yellow.

Elneny, 3 He wouldn't have got in Bertie Mee's reserve team.

Monreal, 4 The only full back to get skinned more times than the onions in my local Kebab shop, or Danny Mills by Henry

Mustafi,2 Don't get me going on this one

Mkhitaryan, 3 I have seen more energy exerted at the old folks Xmas function

Ozil, 5 Looked like a startled rabbit in headlights for most of the time. Has no strategy for motivating the team when it's down. Please please can we have a real captain.

Maitland-Niles,4 Good at winning the ball but hopeless after that

Kolasinac, 2 Was he playing?

Guendouzi, 5 At least he exerted himself

Lacazette. 6 Didn't get much help, or protection from the ref, but seems to have a mild dose of Wilshereitis. Let's hope he gets well soon



Ramsey 5 Legend? Dont make me laugh, unless legends play a good game every third match and only score at Wembley

Aubameyang 6 One or two good runs but no space to run into

Iwobi 6 Should have been brought on far earlier

Emery 4 A very bad day at the office. If he can't cure the away sickness no 4th place or cup

Toffees 1 Popguns 0