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Re: usa 13 thailand 0
Posted by: Fiftyyearsarover
Date: 13/06/2019 20:15
Remember a while back the snowflake pc brigade put forward a suggestion once a team got so many goals in a game ,they should stop scoring anymore because it might traumatise and dent the confidence of the beaten team ,for God’s sake when I was a youngster I and I think all of us took a pasting at sometime someone asked how you got on “lost 14-0” .no counselling end of subject ,vowed to try and do better next game .not unexpected score ,the Americans once they decided soccer was the new thing they just threw money at it get the best people in ,yanks are winners ,they get the best of everything .like the Aussies,who will probably play ,swim whatever to win .poor Thailand probably came by third class ,bare facilities .its a complete mis match but it’s the World Cup ,you pays your money you takes your chance not impressed with England last 3/4 times I have watched them 3/4 th spot for them I think but I will probably be wrong as usual

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