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Re: FA Cup 4th round qualifying draw
Posted by: hong kong rover
Date: 22/10/2018 09:59
I can see it coming , its gonna be the first draw out of the hat..

HOST - good evening and welcome to tonights FA cup draw when the league 1 and 2 clubs enter the competition. With us tonight, we have Mr X who will be pulling out the home teams and Mr Y who will be pulling out the away teams..Gentlemen, when you are ready please commence the draw..

Mr X - ( delve , rattle rattle chink chink ) Number 34..

HOST - Thats Peterborough United.

All Rovers fans - oh please god No.

Mr Y - ( delve, rattle rattle chink chink ) Number 45..

HOST - Will play Tranmere Rovers.

All Rovers fans - oh! FFS..Would you Adam n Eve it!

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