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Re: Danny Rowe
Posted by: Matt34
Date: 07/08/2018 19:46
In theory yes, but then certain clubs have undoubtedly in the past been mugging themselves off.

Look at Real Madrid when they wanted to sign Bale and Ronaldo whinged, as he wanted to remain the highest transfer fee in the world for longer and Bale would have topped it. It was impudent of him to think he could try and manipulate his paymasters into doing as he wished, which smacked of his usual arrogance, but the truth is they dropped their eventual offer and Spurs took it, so had Madrid done as initially wished, they would have shelled out roughly around £10,000,000 - £15,000,000 more for Bale than was required and even the fee paid may potentially have been a little higher than necessary.

Sometimes what seems like any price to get your man can be the wrong price, but if some clubs want to pay over the odds, then it's what their coffers and consciences can allow, regardless of the eventual impact of the signing.

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