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Re: Winter Break
Posted by: Phil65
Date: 11/06/2018 18:31
Indeed. Your application to Oxfam contributions is very, as you say, flexible.

Never heard of friendly capitalism before. Thought it was survival of the most valuable.

I would suggest watching football on tv is more of a lifestyle choice that you have control over, as opposed to paying your basic utilities and necessities. And yes we should all shun corporations like nestle where practical - though it not always is, and people who exploit basic needs should be punished horribly.

But back to football. We don't buy the sun apparently (though I'm sure we still but from the same media group). Choice my friend. My apologies if my prose isn't quite so eloquent.

No problem. No apologies required. I'll give up the good fight; too weary now. Choice is imperative; there is more than one way.

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