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Re: Winter Break
Posted by: mrGr33n13
Date: 11/06/2018 16:42
I'm not sure that analysis holds up under scrutiny.

Profit and inequality are necessary for innovation.

Our standard of living is glorious, our societies peaceful and we live longer better lives.

This is all down to capitalism. Most people want to watch premiership football in HD as the product is good. The production values and technology behind HD sports broadcasts only exists due to free trade capitalism.

Rooney started as a prole and is now one of the richest humans to have ever lived.

How does a scrotty street rat from the backend of Liverpool become this rich? By being able to exchange his labour in an open market place. We should celebrate the system that allows such a rise through the economic strata. Not using anachronistic, flawed class warrior sloganeering that ironically ends up advocating keeping poor kids in their box.

Go get your shine box, Wayne...

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