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Re: Winter Break
Posted by: Phil65
Date: 10/06/2018 16:31
I agree but come on guys, if any of us were talented enough and we got an offer for even just 10k a week then we’d be off of here and riding along with all the others.
Only weird thing for me about this break is as some have said that the worst weather in the past few years has been later on that the planned break.

Money is not the overriding factor for everyone. Some have a social conscience and choose to avoid contributing to the melanoma of a capitalist society, prefering "job satisfaction" and worthy, unheralded "missions", contributing away from the ills of the oft-corrupt, criminal, commercial, corporate, cartels (the last being particularly apt for the Premier League of extraordinary gentlemen).
Jeez, I'm on one! (Sm145)

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