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Re: Winter Break
Posted by: Phil65
Date: 08/06/2018 22:24
i'm so against professional football i dont even like watching sunday league players unless they are on the dole mate. if they can afford shin pads i think they are ballerinas.

i actually boo tranmere players who pass the ball. who do they think they are, gianfranco pirlo?

jeff hughes and connor jennings are the result of foreigners darkening these wonderful shores with their geometric ways and fancy diets. @#$%& artisans.

Hail the new pretender to the keyboard warrior crown.

Have no fear, even I, with my senses tainted, can see the purpose of your protagonism and antagonism; after all "you can't kid a kidder".
Your verbal pugilism has some semblance of a base, but I fear you wander too far from the beaten track and into unchartered waters, where the sharks await their prey.
I fear choppy waters and a bumpy ride for you. However, these may be the stimuli that "rock your boat" and provide fuel for your forays.
I suggest a peaceful sail into the sunset, rather than an all out battle on the waves.
However, rather than have you walk the plank, I say "All aboard".

Yes, I know......WTF

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