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Re: Winter Break
Posted by: mrGr33n13
Date: 08/06/2018 22:01
[quote Doogie'sGhost]

jeff hughes and connor jennings are the result of foreigners darkening these wonderful shores with their geometric ways and fancy diets. @#$%& artisans.[/quote]
Yes but as you actually think the @#$%& who trash a pub full of innocent bystanders are top blokes and that violence is part and parcel of a normal night out we can discount your posts as the raving of the brain dead moron you clearly are.[/quote]


i have never said violence is a part of any normal night out.

aggression however is common enough to be classed as normal in men. esp drunk men.

but it's always nice to be called a brain dead moron by someone who can't even understand what he has read. winking smiley :p etc

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