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Re: Next up: Gateshead (H)
Posted by: Mattc777
Date: 10/04/2018 23:55
Nice not to be freezing my bits off.

My apologies if I'm wrong but didn't the fourth come off his backside whilst a mile (and a half) offside? Not that I'm complaining. Whenever Cookie was up for a jump in the area, no one looked capable of competing. That alone bodes well for the playoffs.

For balance, we had, let's say, a voracious appetite for risk in the first half. We've all seen Steve with his Cruff turns in the past but today it was clear three were instructions not to play long or safe at the back in the first half.

Those sentiments clearly changed during the half time talk as McNulty booted the ball out of play from a central position early in the second half.

It's starting to look like the home tie against Macc is likely to be the focal point of the whole season. A game we COMPLETELY dominated for 55 minutes. Such a shame.

Anyway. Good that we tend to sweep the underdogs aside. Especially at home. I just hope we can bring our A-Rod game when playing against the top sides

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